Thursday, October 5

the opening

Before darkness there was light,
it was our source of being
Now that we have grown, pulsating alive and bright
why not catch the gem and honor what we are seeing?

Open the door an let the air flow
through your congestion's
and you will find below
all unanswered questions.
Deep, but within reach.

the project

A former chicken shack and tool-shed in transition to become a hide away for my son and his girlfriend.
Let's see if we can button this one down before the first snowflakes. Pictures (of regress or progress upcoming...)


Tinkerbell said...

Feelin poetic huh?

wish i were..

Cym said...

Nice picture and poem Zee. Btw, you look ALOT like David Bowie in your new profile picture.

Ingrid said...

That should be a fun project, I wish I could help you with that. Since my youngest goes to school now five mornings a week, I am going to try my hand at landscaping (xeriscaping + permaculture), building little houses with and for my kids (turn it into pirate ships) and just start doing 'handy work'... Not that I know how to..YET! I love the idea of transforming things, good luck Zee and I am looking forward at the progress (you're handy and artistic enough aren't you?)

Dr. Nazli said...

Zee! How are ya? David Bowie? i see it :-)

I like your concern: "human life on earth, not heavens" As for your Grunts - ditto

Nice of you to creat a hideaway from the son and girlfriend. If they are going to hideaway, might as well be near home :-)

Zee - i really do hope you are smiling! You have lovely children - what a beautiful rason to smile

Zee ya!


Lindsay Lobe said...

We are what we stand on, fine dust of mother earth
Shed fashioned by a father, for dear daughters heart
Whispers of leaves, a symphony in the breeze
See a light of the stars, white dwarfs of our past

Ingrid said...

Lindsay, you need to comment on my site more often in prose..gee! lol, seriously though, I love the poems and I guess I'm a bit envious (when Zee does it as well) since the poet inside of me got neglected long time ago when I emigrated, somehow, I could not make the transition from dutch to I just enjoy reading them..