Wednesday, October 11

lost bird

... somehow a bird got into my studio.
Then the black cat came and tried to "assist" in freeing the bird right at the moment when I almost had the bird in my hands to carry it out.
The cat got a sharp kick with my foot and fled, the bird fluttered and hid thereafter in a woodpile.
I opened the doors wide and left - twenty minutes later the bird was gone and free.
Can someone tell me what this bird was, a woodpecker perhaps?
Can we open the doors freely,
can wee accept the stranger
walking in without hesitation?
And give shelter or rescue
if so needed?


Cym said...

Thanks for rescuing the bird, Zee. I looked it up, and I think it may either be a (male) Downy Woodpecker or the larger Hairy Woodpecker.

Cynnie said...

I always feel sorry for creatures that get caught in our spaces..
they're so scared..
I hate seeing fear in anyone or thing

I like birds..from a distance..
( they are so reptilian..its spooky )

Madcap said...

I don't know the name of it, but it's definitely a woodpecker. We have them here, too, bashing about on the trees and downspouts.

As to your question - sometimes. And sometimes we get burned. And maybe that's okay.

Zee said...

Isn't it funny how male beasts are so much more colorful and pretty in the animal world - and when it gets to humans ... they mostly fade into the background compared to woman.

calamity said...

to your comment: yes that amazed me too, but look at it this way men don't need good looks to charm women as animal males do, because women rather look at the money and materialistic things rather the looks.
ok that was half joke and half meant, there are a lot of those that are totally not like this: me :D

calamity said...

i would probabily do the same with the bird, i hate so see them tortured, not only birds all the animals, the whole nature

_z. said...

no zee, you can not open the door freely... not for every bird!
i had 4 locks on my door and last week, my apt. was burglarized... and everything was stolen!

I had no insurance of course, since like you, I trusted birds.

Zee said...

Calamity, so if I am an ugly peace of .... and I have enough money, the pretty girls will still dance around me? Well, I don't have tons of money; and I don't know about the rest.
_Z. I am totally shocked that your place got burglarized ... and that in Canada!

Before Sunrise said...

Zee, I wish we could open our dooors up for everyone, but we can't... not in the world we live in. I have done it, given shelter to who needed it and I lost a lot, but gained in experience...

Tinkerbell said...

I hate to admit i rarely lock anything..

But even simple me can pick a lock if i forget my keys..
so i figure why bother?