Friday, October 6

fine afternoon carving

First session with seniors today, carving alabaster and marble. The weather was gorgeous, just the right kind... for banging on stones.


Tinkerbell said...

Banging appeals to me..

oh god..
i'm all about sexual innuendo today

Ingrid said...

speaking of which (wait, which which?) lol
I just realized Zee that the 'bohemian wonderer' part of you probably translates to your 'about me', different pic again? I say you just need to have a photo gallery of yourself here so you can get it out of your system.."watch Zee bang", watch Zee in the gallery", "watch Zee with his glasses on", "watch Zee with his glasses of!".. ok, no sexual innuendo here, just being plain silly! Tinkerbell woman, how DID you pick that name? (ok better stop otherwise we're going to hijack this comment section lol)
woohoo, bye!

Ingrid said...

oh, I guess I was supposed to comment on the post..yeah, I'm with her, nice banging job!

Zee said...

Some years ago I did a cedar shingle roof, actually it was during 9/11, so it must have been 5 years ago. The guy I worked with was nice, your regular redneck with attitude.
Whenever a shingle slipped off the roof or anything else happened to his dislike he shouted out loud:
Shit Fuck Blow
I'm starting to learn the meaning these days...
Thanks ladies for the helping hand.