Wednesday, October 25

I'm back

Before we know the climate turns cold,
it's about to snow, still leaves abound
on trees - my soul has no mold,
and I'll stick around
for a while
assembling scattered peaces,
crumbs arranged in petite style
for you my dear, and not my nieces.

(photo "chickenshak" or "loveshack" for Vidar in progress, tomorrow cement floor pouring ...)

The visit to Switzerland was intense, no - not only my mother agenda. A painter friend is dying of cancer there (lymph), and I said goodbye.
Saw him many times during my stay, a bag of skin and bones not able to talk anymore. Used to be an energetic fireball ... and not a fainting translucent being.- He is burning up by the fire cancer creates, doped by morphine drugs - sleeping hours on end.
We talked about karma and the life after death, the journey to the spiritual world ... and what it means. For the lack of his vocal cords, it ended up mostly to be a monologue ... of mine ...
But his smiles and his tears confirmed participation.
Life on earth is so fragile - if you really think about it.


Veronica said...

Zee, this is very powerful. I am so moved...
I am so sorry for your friend. And so touched by your sensitivity.

You are a journey.

Before Sunrise said...

Zee, glad to see you back. I wanted to let you know that I have deleted my blog (maybe temporarily), so now I will be commenting here and not there anymore :-)

I am sorry to hear about your friend and it makes my heart smile to know that there are people like you in the world, people who have feelings and are able to talk with their heart and not only their mind. People like you are becoming extinct and it is a shame...

Zee said...

Thank you Veronica, thank you Before Sunrise.
I'm in good spirits despite our evermore challenging times!

Dr. Nazli said...

So fragile that there is nothing i'd rather do than be alive - with the people and passions that matter to me. Zee! Wonderful to see you - and in your bright red sweater afront the bright redshack. The reflection from the window complete the picture.

Zee - wishing you the best day to be alive!
Zee Ya!
red highness ;-)

Madcap said...

Welcome back, Zee. Yes, that veil is a very fine weave.

Zee said...

Madcap ... missed your wry and accurate thoughts.
Dr. red highness - check your yahoo mail for more "red" ... yes, I am laughing.

Ingrid said...

As an immigrant, I can very much appreciate your feelings. Sometimes I think the fact that 'we' cannot just go back to check up on people (family, friends) ads to the 'intensity' you described. It's bitter sweet and melancholic, at least, that's how I experience being back. I don't fit in there anymore, yet, some of my culture, I very much miss. I'm glad you got to see your friend and say goodbye, because as immigrants, we do not always have that luxury..
good to see you back though, I missed checking in with you. On a another note, that love shack looks awesome. Great colour. Inspiring, fun!
peace zee,

Mirvat said...

welcome back!

_z. said...

welcome back zee. you have been missed. so were your always wise words. your trip wasn't a "fun" one, but at least you did some good there, and made a couple of ppl feel better.
that's most excellent.

welcome back my friend.

calamity said...

hi i'm back home now too. that means more blogging and commenting.

i'm glad for you that you got to see your mother and your friend even if you found it intense those will be the moments you will remeber and those are the moments they will appreciate.

DA said...

Welcome back, bless you for guiding your friend in this difficult period..