Tuesday, October 10

Red October Day

Thanksgiving Day in Canada, thanks to what - red an yellow maple leaves in the fall? Columbus Day in the US, thanks to the remembrance of shedding red Indian blood? Red "chicken shack" in progress in my yard. Red North Korea blasting a nuclear test. Red clad life companion drying hair with a black cat watching.
All red today. Tuesday (Mars-day) is supposed to be red, not Monday. What's going on in this world, is life a bit confused?
Whatever, but the North Korean Phenomena does spark some interest. So yes, it is regrettable that nukes nowadays are being considered or even tested, by any country for that matter. This can't and shouldn't happen anymore. But it is also astonishing to watch the so called "world community" bark at North Korea - and the ones who bark loudest have the greatest arsenal of nuclear weapons, with the exception of Japan (no nukes there) who solely shouts out loud because of it's close vicinity to North Korea.
I am not going to post my immediate perspective on this "red herring" ... that's up to you!
Have a blue Tuesday I guess, though that aint the right color either for that day ...


Josie said...

I'm really angry that nuclear weapons are still even being considered. When I was a child growing up, the possibility of a nuclear war was always in the background. I don't want that to happen again.

Tinkerbell said...

there are levels to my horror..
anger just isnt the word..
the nuclear shit is just icing on the whole fucking crappy world cake.

Ingrid said...

on a happy note.. love the look of the red hot looove shack!

Anonymous said...

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Zee said...

I like happy notes Ingrid.
Tinkerbell and Josie: Nukes will never be used by North Korea - they might be queer, communistic, despotic and what not ... but they are not suicidal.
They know, if they would use it - their country would cease to exist within the next 30 minutes of an original detonation; dust, desert, no life.
No, it's all a power-game who can shout loudest and the bullies don't like that little guys raise their voice. That's all, a loss of fallus syndrome, a disease of our times.