Thursday, October 12

space junk

you don't have to be embedded in a sheet of ice-crystals to feel the present chill - Refrigerators are so ignorant, especially after they have seen better days. Politicians are the same and they lame me to a high degree. If it were up to the them I might as well turn into a can of olives, frozen into the back-shelf corner while the ice builds up and then wait for the "big thaw" - that supposedly lurks around the corner. The left is schussing around with no aim, the right feels rightful, and the center doesn't exist: IN NO COUNTRY! The US for example has a right wing party and a right wing party with distinction. What's up with that? It's all just one big bloody party. There is no such thing as Democrats and Republicans, they are just using a labeling technique to keep the public entertained, keep the nation in a fog and create artificial divisions.
You might as well drop this whole nationalistic notion of belonging to a state or a party, forget the politicians who want to make you believe that being a "citizen" is important - . Find instead local opportunities to make your voice heard, as a caring human ... forget citizenship, act locally and "screw globally". What I mean, let's deport all politicians to the moon, it's nice and chilly there, so let them freeze for a change ... and we will start anew. We can't trust those people anymore. Let's get rid of all of them and let us switch roles and take charge for once. We have been living in a cold climate for too long now and deserve a change, a change that doesn't subscribe to global warming but instead embraces life with warmth and compassion.


Madcap said...

Well, you'll certainly get an amen from me on that one. Canadians aren't nearly as nationalistic as Americans, for whatever reason. The whole idea of "I pledge allegiance to the flag..." is pretty alien. My husband says it's some kind of idolatry.

Ingrid said...

Are you missing Marco already?? lol
I hereby declare you an honorary permie..even if you don't know what 'it' is, you're thinking permaculture. It's not just a life style, but an inclusive, sustainable outlook on life and everything in it, including politics..
ps Madcap, when I first emigrated to the States (from Canada before that Holland) the whole pledge of allegiance gave me chills, in a bad way. I somehow could not help but think of the hitler youth image where those kids were doing their pledges of allegiance.. It makes for good drones though..

Zee said...

I feel honored to be a "premie". even though I have absolutely no clue what my new obligation will be according to this title.
I don't dress up very well and my silk ties are collecting dust in a closet. So what -- I will probably make a fool of myself in front of the bourgeois colony, dressed like a clown, and thereafter we'll have an expresso, a cigarette ... and relax and have an olive pit spit contest with crackers and goat cheese.
I don't know, I am so tired ,,, got to go to bed. Tomorrow will be an new imagination....