Tuesday, October 31

americana and my european heritage

Space, yes space is the only true asset the United States has left. After returning from Switzerland, where everything is over-organized due to space limitations, it makes me breathe "freer" to walk the grounds on the west side of the Atlantic ocean. Since I am "tuned into" space issues (sculpture and such) this might not come as a surprise. Old wooden bridges, patios created by my son, Indian sacred waterfalls ... all contributes to the fact that this country, the USA, is still a virgin ground despite globalization and space-stations. There is potential ... untapped.

The paths I walk in the US are still mysterious and plentiful. Europe on the other hand is set in it's ways, determined, old fashioned,regulated and stiff like starched white shirts hanging in a closet. Moths abound...
No, I do not wish to criticize only, I am actually drawn to the systematic order on European fields - perhaps a phase in my life, a phase to "bring order into things."
Coming back to the US after my brief visit to Europe created no less than a cultural shock though, and I had to adjust to what I found to be the most developed "Third World Country" - agony towards the ignorance of "our" political entities" set in immediately, the nonsense of "mid term november elections", the folly of the two party system that has melted into a masturbation unity for the sake of capital and industry. Behold, where is Democracy??? ... where is the true political stuff, who develops whom, who is actually working for the people like you and me? Ah ....
But whilst arriving, and being in a somewhat sober mood, observing the reality of the status quo, the assessment was that the US leaps behind in technological achievements that could potentially benefit citizens and society at large. The leap behind here amounts to at least the time span of two decades. Take for example my experience at the Zurich airport. I was "shuttled" to the underground train station within minutes by an unmanned automated connection ... for free. Then I boarded the two story train going to Basel (a one hour ride) in a train that starts to move - and you don't even notice it, until the "pictures start to change at your window" ... there is hardly any noise whatsoever!
On the other hand, I landed in JFK on my return, took a malfunctioning and stinking diesel bus to Grand Central, Manhattan - boarded Metro North to Wassaic and rode on a train that resembles 50's retro movie pains, uncomfortable and anally abusive, noisy and a peace of shit ... outdated technology, third world country jive in public transportation, while the gas gobbling SUV's from Ford and GM run into record deficits. A nation out of control with big prick issues to follow the Freudian dreams of cock existence. Bahhhh! Do you actually realize how retro the US is on the field of innovating new technologies? All that stuff is happening in India and Asia...
No,bottom line, I wish not material perfection, it's redundant and not the goal of our lifetime, but I still are acute to observe the tendencies in nations around the globe who are intent to make a difference.
What I hence wish for is, the cooperation of the "old" and the "new" - technology and wisdom combined, a dialog, a final statement that this earth actually needs attention and care and not more wars.
Is that soooooooo hard to understand, America?
Happy Halloween.
Yours, Zeeart.

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calamity said...

hm when i got back home i was so happy to be back, now i see how much i loved and missed home, now i noticed the things that seem so obvious to us the things others do not know...i love my patch of heaven