Tuesday, October 31

Pentagon gears up for new media war!

By Paul Reynolds
World affairs correspondent, BBC News website

The Pentagon's new effort to influence media coverage of the war in Iraq is an example of how governments react when a war is not going too well.
They begin to think it is not the war that is the problem, but the presentation of it.
The media, being the messengers, get the blame, not the message itself.

The plan, detailed in a memo seen by the Associated Press news agency, is for a rapid response unit that would "correct the record" in the 24/7 news cycle that exists today - including, crucially, on the internet. One aim, AP says, seems to be to deflect criticism of Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld himself.
It is on the internet that blogs and other sites rapidly spread information, sometimes as fact and sometimes as rumour, and build up pressure points of opinion. These are then reflected in the mainstream media.
There would also be a list of favourite speakers or "surrogates" who would be offered to broadcast media, especially to the US talk shows, where fast appearances and faster opinions matter.

Full article at the BBC website: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/6103056.stm

I just had to post this my friends, because it bothers me a lot ...

Despite all this, nevertheless VOTE Democrats if you can vote!


DA said...

and now election time starts too. It will be a big media circus :-(

Tinkerbell said...

i don't even want to think about the elections.
I dont trust any of it anymore.

I cannot despise Bush anymore than i do.

He attacked the bone headed comment made by kerry last night..

Did you see his face ?
the man is so evil and no one sees it..they all clap and hoot and holler like he's a freaking godsend.

I dont trust any of the politicians
of any party..i do not believe that any of them have my best interests at heart.

And it makes me sick

I think The US needs a revolution, but we're too busy getting fat and being hypnotised by the TV.

Zee said...

It is already a "big circus" Dimitri ... and a lot of millions spend left and right for insulting adds. What a world...
Cyn, you can relax in the sun, 'cause PT is just a US colony, no representatives, no votes, no nothing even though they carry US citizenship - so please, send us your willing soldiers to fight petty wars. We don't really care if they die in combat, They are our phantom regiment: No voice no vote and no burial in Washington. Got to love it to have "zombies" in your troops fighting for the US!

Zee said...

PT ... nah, not Province Town, MA!
Puerto Rico was my aberration attempt. I guess it would be PR then :)

Tinkerbell said...

Aww..but Zee,
No matter where i live , I am a citizen of the US..It's my country, it always will be and i will never rest easy knowing it's being dismantled by career politicians.

We the people ARE NOT the people in office.