Thursday, December 13

24 hours later

The snow is just falling,
nothing you can do.
If you attempted anything -
it would be murderous.
You're shoes would get wet,
in a sling,
so it is not worth a thing
to get overly excited.
Just enjoy the fluffy flakes
while they last.
That's how it is,
no need to move too fast.


lindsaylobe said...

Hi Zee- Because of previous technical difficulties I was unable to listen to your song ~First Love; now it’s Ok, love the instrumentation, very effective along with that swing –great song. Presumably your own composition! I enjoyed it!

Your post reminded me of a little concert we had for the oldies, at an aged care centre and I sang; would you believe it; White Christmas – changing some of the opening lyrics to make it a tad more relevant, down under in the scorhing heat !! We are all mad down under as you may have already gathered.

But my excuse is I dedicated to a friend who died about year ago; he always loved White Christians because he remembered it as it was broadcast after he experienced severe bombardment in WW2, serving in the Navy. Over the loud speakers it's melody and words and had an immeadiate calming effect on the whole crew.

Best wishes

Zee said...

Hey thanks for your compliments Lindsay! Even though it is my original (pop)-song I contribute the success of it to my brother Pete who did most of the studio instrumentation. He is a classic cellist at the Hartford Symphony but also plays a mean guitar.
I was in New Zealand shortly after Christmas two years ago. I know what you mean with them "guys down under" and no snow.
But I'm glad you did your gig, even though the weather might have suggested otherwise.
Happy Christmas days ahead to you man!

Gary said...

Nice words and beautiful photo - is it yours?

Zee said...

Thanks Gary.
Yes it is always "mine" as long as I don't have to put Rilke, Emerson, Steiner, Picasso, Van Gogh or any other other artist under it - which I would do anyway as a courtesy to all my readers, they need to know original sources :)

susan said...

Ahh, reminded of an old favorite: Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening.. you know how it goes.

Before Sunrise said...

What a beautiful picture, Zee. I love the way fresh snow looks. So peaceful...

Zee said...

Hello Susan - before you drift into the woods, let's have a snow ball fight.

Zee said...

Ah, Before Sunrise is also here in the dusk. Thanks!

susan said...

I'm preferring the snow angels :-)

DamnGirl said...

it is realy nice

calamity said...

hello. as i'm reading this it's a really nice mood outside - white :) it snowed yesterday the first snow to whiten the season this year, it even whitened my heart as i was walking the streets smiling at the sky and playing with the flakes which tickled my nose. even today there ae some snowflakes dancing around without a promise of any of their friends joining.
we don't have much snow here these last years; so sure it brings some trouble, but while it is here (as many not necessarily nice things) one should just go along and make the best out of it.
as for the pics it instantly reminded me of a scene in The Cronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
are you living in a true fairytale?

AM said...

What a B E A U T I F U L photo ... Wow!!!

Zee said...

Thanks AM.
Was taken out of the window of my shop/studio. We have a REAL winter here. So that is good.