Thursday, December 13

the deed needs no ice

I will publish something, trust me I will. It is just darn hard these days to keep things together. You don't know the whole story, and I will not tell you details either.
Perhaps I will just escape with Gary to Mexico, who knows.
I woke up this morning with a poem in my heart, but now that it is evening, all has broken apart. It is just so. It is how melodies rhyme. They fade throughout the day and vanish in the dark. Too bad, it could have been a good poem indeed. Next time maybe.
Where was that damn pencil and this blank peace of paper I was trying to grab in vain when I mostly needed it?
Oh well.

picture: ice and sun on my branches - it is actually a decent image - click on it to enlarge it if you wish.


Gary said...

Wow. Nice picture, especially when clicked upon. Hey man, if you can get there, I'll tell you where to find me in Mexico. Or we can plan for next year and have a blogger party on the beach with all the friends we can muster.

Zee said...

let's do both, everything!

DamnGirl said...

sweet words and meanfull as well nice Picture