Saturday, December 29

back to work

What can I say, it's just an other addition. A bit excruciating to start in winter weather. But mister "D" and I put two walls up on Friday, and all the other prep work. So next week will be cool. Yes, the weather forecast shows low temperatures ahead. Don't think that is so cool for our building project plans and works. But we take it as it comes. There is nothing else you can do.


Caleb said...

Looks like your using the broken air hose from vinalhaven. What is this project? Charlie and Will are free to come help you out. Audacity.

Zee said...

I thought I already replied earlier Caleb, but I guess it was not so.
Will and Charlie I do not need at this point, solely a two man operation as it stands.
Yes Audacity is on the calculator - now we just need inspiration.