Monday, December 17

inevitable blockage of mental flow, and conundrum of winter

Inevitable derives from the Latin word vitare- (to avoid) and refers to a situation where only one alternative is considered possible, the inevitable one.
Perhaps I will muse on that theme in the following days....

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Ingrid said...

Dear Lukas,
I've been awol a while but you know, like those homing pigeons I'm back! lol
I have not done much posting as I've been 'plowing' through two online grant writing courses, man I've been having to read a lot. Anyhow Lukas, I am glad I've gotten to know you better this year and as always, I enjoy visiting sunburst. You are my European compadre and it's been nice to recognize my own frustrations, disgust and also humour at things North American (can't absolve the Canadians in everything ,eh??) that makes us kookoo.
I hope we can be a veritable 'roundtable' someday with Gary and Lindsay and Mary gracing the table with us.
(did I leave anyone out??)