Friday, December 14

washers, windows, trains and US fruitless dreams of prosperity


My washer just gave up, "Whirlpool" brand, what a peace of antiquated trash (three years old). You know, there are three things that really annoy me about the USA. That is outdated technology on washing machines, window and door construction stuck in 1880's concepts ... and non running trains, not to speak of high speed trains, that would be an insult to even mention.
The majority of all home washers still use the "rip that shit" cleaning cycle, a spindle in the middle of a top loader that does nothing except systematically tearing laundry apart while using a humongous amount of water. Must be a conspiracy of the fabric manufactures.
As for windows and doors, the only European design available are Velux sky lights since Americans are incapable to do them leak proof themselves. I don't understand why the US is not adopting the concept of triple flanges like the rest of the world ... for ALL it's windows. Anderson, a so called higher end manufacturer still sells double hung sash units which are truthfully remnants of the pioneer days when people had to make them from scratch while moving west. Do you know how much energy could be saved just by applying proper design? I bet you it would astonish you so much, that you wake up the next day and you hear on the radio that oil prices have been cut in half. Someone go out there and make a scientific study.
That leads me to trains. Transportation is a disaster since Eisenhower dropped the egg of prioritizing, subsidizing and construction of the Interstate system in the 50's.
OK, so the highways are alright. It's a done deal. It's fine. I love it. But what about the trains?
When I was nine or ten years old, I traveled to Prague, Czechoslovakia. We had to change trains in what was then the former East German Republic. The locomotive was a steam engine, still fueled by coal. But as we traveled, that thing picked up speed, up to 100 kilometers an hour (sort of 60 miles per hour for your Brit wash woes).
Now, when I use Amtrak to funnel myself down the Hudson Valley to go to New York - the average speed is about 35mph - pathetic! It's worse than rural India (nothing against India by all means, it just came to my mind as a comparison, no punch intended). What I do not understand, is why does the US not invest in medium to high speed trains where the thresholds on the tracks are made of temperature expandable rails with springs and metal fastenings that will function no matter what instead of little peaces of oak trash that will rot away ... next day.
OK, one more complaint, and then I'll be silent.
Why does the US not take a shovel and dig all power lines beneath the ground. In the long run this would be less expensive than having crews repair them each time there is a storm.
But the US never thinks long term.
Those "small neglects" will be the fall of the empire!
And so, my next washer will be a Bosch front loader with heating coil and all.

(by the way, the girl at the washer is NOT my picture, I stole it and modified it - so there!)


Cym said...

Hey Z,

Sorry to hear about your broken washing machine. Whirlpool is a piece of junk. If you haven't replaced it yet, I'd recommend the Maytag brand. My mom had one that she inherited from her mom, and it lasted over 30 years, though not sure if the newest models are still as good, but they do have a good reputation.

P.S. As you know the old blog is dead, but I've finally created a new one that I think I'll stick with for awhile. Check it out if you wish, via the profile.

Cym said...

P.P.S. I just did a quick look-up about Maytag and apparently as of 2006 Whirlpool Corp. acquired it. What a shame. But there is still hope in finding a good quality used model.

Zee said...

Wow Cym!!!
You always appear when least expected. Thanks for the washer advice, but for now I'll stay stubborn and go for a German or Japanese/Korean front loader.
I just don't want to spend money right now ... guess why -:)
I'll steer my boat to your new blog, no worries! Be well - Lukas.