Wednesday, December 12

The Swiss and the Lebanese

The two countries have several things in common. They are both small in size, have a diverse population, a multitude of religious beliefs, snow in the mountains, and are surrounded by much more powerful states.
What they don't have in common, is that Lebanon can be reached by a sailboat from anywhere in this world while Switzerland remains an enclave only to be reached by foot only. There are some vulnerability issues as well. Switzerland has denied to be part of the European Union, making itself a country with less strings attached. Lebanon on the other hand does not know if it wishes to be "attached" or not. It stumbles into its future rather than walking a straight path.
Unfortunately people in Lebanon pay the price, and the cedar trees are crying.
The deadly assassination to one of the top military generals today becomes an other
story of despair.
I am thinking that Lebanon has to become more egocentric and act like Switzerland did 700 something years ago, namely feel and convert the pride of it's existence to every intellectual, every farmer, every clerk, every shop keeper, every musician.
Only then, Lebanon will arise out of the ashes like a phoenix.
If this doesn't move, the days of Lebanon are counted.
Be well, Lukas.

...images this time stolen from the web - one is the shore towards west, the other snow and cedar trees in the mountains in Lebanon


susan said...

For several years we've been reading Robert Fisk articles from the Independant. He's lived in Beirut for a long time since he's the Middle east correspondant and loves the place. I'll always remember the article he wrote after his friend Hariri was killed. I'm afraid that unlike Switzerland, with it's longterm physical isolation as well as a determined self-reliance, Lebanon is a pawn that bigger players are toying with - much to the continued misfortune of the Lebanese.

AM said...

So very true what you're saying ... unfortunately, we need to be egocentric as a nation and teach patriotism to each one of us before anything else.

Do you know that Lebanon used to be called 'the Swizerland of the East' once upon a time.

Zee said...

Susan - I will figure out if I shall read this book!

Zee said...

AM ---
I didn't know that!
The only thing I knew that Beirut was once called the "Paris of the Mediterranean."