Sunday, December 9


My main computer collapsed, now I'm typing on an eleven year old lap top and using dial up(28K!) You will not hear from me much until I have corrected above issues.
Cheers, L. (Zee)


AM said...

Ewwwwwww, hope to see you soon :)
Good luck!

susan said...

Yet another thing we can relate to, Zee. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you're up and operational again soon.

susan said...
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susan said...

Sorry, above deletion was result of me hitting button twice and not someone too shy to post..

_z. said...

oh no!
come back soon.

Cinderella. said...

11 year old !!!!
Tidy up soon.

Zee said...

Oh, it is weird to be stuck with old technology and shouting across the house: "Can I use the phone line now!"
Somehow I feel nostalgic.
Anyhow, I still check my e-mail where all your brave posters arrive ... eventually.
I just don't have the cash right now to fix the problem momentarily. But I'll get it done, no worries.
And if I have to go to the public library - so be it, for the time being! Maybe this adventure will give me space to read more and shout less :)
Be well, Lukas. (Zee)

Anonymous said...
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susan said...

We didn't lose the current computer (thank goodness) but did have to survive with dial-up for a few weeks earlier this year. Not fun.. especially when you're committed to downloading an hour long radio show every week for a year. That took 7-8 hours rather than one or less. Good thing we don't get a lot of phone calls.

Good luck and best wishes for early repair or update. I'll check back.

Zee said...

Once you "tasted" non-dial up DSL or other, there is no way of going back. That's the nature of the beast Susan.
But I fixed the stuff for now - so there.