Tuesday, December 11

so what's this post all about?

There is a guy out there who plays "catch me if you can" - and sends nasty stuff to various people. Well this time around it will not rest as a warning. The FBI will not merely get a phone call, but I will take the leisure to make a personal visit to them. Also, the dirty trash e-mails I receive will be forwarded to Helmuth Hofer's ISP. I would encourage you to do the same if you got harassed. If you need help to do so - let me know. For now all comments on posts will be screened; sorry for the inconvenience!
My internet connection is fixed again, sort off. Used a LAN router for the USB port to make the DSL work on a old Toshiba I got on eBay 9 years ago. Feel like a Russian who invented Sputnik coming home from the dump with odd parts. Ah, just technical stuff. The machine operates on minimal memory ... but it works, that's all I care about.
So now that Christmas is around the corner, we will have to think about wood or linoleum cuts to make greeting cards. An other angel per favor ... or what?

snapshot 2 years ago in Cape Cod


lindsaylobe said...

A very inventive solution ~ best wishes for Christmas and I trust the New Year will bring some artful pleasures.

Cynnie said...

I got a nasty email!..

finally ..whew..

I was feeling left out.

Segue Seoul said...

Zee~excellent! ^ ^