Monday, December 3

not too far

Only a stone throw away from my house there is "the shack". The pathway leads through a vegetable and herb garden which now is dormant. It leads to the domicile of my son. There you will find a cozy cabin with wood stove and all, well insulated and otherwise pretty much functional. The kids who visit, come and go ... are thinking of Michelangelo. But then, they nowadays have their own ways of expression.

I could ramble on about these niceties for a while and drown the fact that I am a lucky bourgeois country dweller who has not to fight famine, disease, pollution or political terrorism (although that might be an discussable issue).

So all my petty concerns of how to pay next months rent, how to keep the sharks happy, the money for the food on the table whilst massaging some sense of responsibility into my grown up children - is nothing compared to the struggle of dozens of hundreds of million peoples daily demises all around the globe. You could say I could call myself lucky. Nevertheless, my stomach is rather acidic these days. Something is not right, and my kids feel it too. And at this point it has nothing to do with Global Warming. If instead we orient ourselves to be more spiritual beings and follow an inner core, or a call for sustenance that is not based solely on the game of gain - we all could profit together ... tremendously.


Cinderella. said...

The 'shack' looks so welcoming...!!
Amazing pix..the graphitti was awesome too..
Is that your son's creation ??
Cute post.
And take care of your acidic stomac with some tender coconut milk...

Zee said...

Coconut milk? Wow, I got to try that out!
The paint jobs were done by wandering gypsy friends who drop in and out ...

Granny said...

I refer to this year as the year from hell but when I compare myself to the millions who live in absolute despair I have nothing to complain about.

Zee said...

Dead on granny!
This year wasn't always easy for me either, but I see it as a uphill battle.

_z. said...


you have always been sensitive, but I think you are being too hard on yourself.

Also, I think I don't quite agree with your definition of la bourgeoisie.

I remember a comment you left during the July war of 06. And you said something about the bourgeoisie, which I totally adopted and thought to be true. But reading this post makes me think that you see bourgeoisie as being happy, and content.

Having "more" than some does not necessarily make you a bourgeois.

the middle class is disappearing, which is rendering the word "bourgeois" a bit loose... or maybe too strict.

Zee said...

Ah, I must agree with you _Z!
The so called "middle class is a joke, vanishing disappearing. Now we become all sheep, indoctrinated by the wolfs.
Ok, so the bourgeois people ... now it's more an attitude, not a money thing anymore.
Times sure are changing.

Ingrid said...

zee, wasn't that the place you guys spruced up last year? I seem to vaguely remember something..
as for your feeling of pending 'something'.. I think there is more and more a sense of shared restlessness that there is something more to life than 'this'. THIS being the pursuit of materialism, the reality of life that is not portrayed on tv no matter how much reality tv they throw at us. I got this latest book by Wayne Dyer where he goes through the TAO and I should really start it. Christmas has lost its appeal and it's not because I'm a grown up now either,

Segue Seoul said...

he, he, he! fantasizing about fixing up that shack to be livable was a group hobby!, i recall the days!, such a good recollection, really, we all laughed at the thought, but i really believed it would one day be fixed up to be livable, hahaha!, gives me great delight!, as for unsettling stirrings, we all feel so, so at any rate you are not alone