Wednesday, August 13

Gold swims in water ... for a price!

Swimmer Michael Phelps broke the record for Olympic gold medals won by a single person, taking his 10th and 11th in a double victory today. He thereby bypasses Mark Spitz and others who did win multiple gold medals for the US in those water contests in the past.
Isn't that Michael sexy in his speedo's?
The Speedo LZR Racer, introduced in February this year, is one reason world records continue to be broken in swimming. The science behind the suit includes "ultrasonically welded" seams and panels of drag-reducing fabric tested by NASA.
Why bother you might think, but here is the catch. Those suits cost around $600 dollars and have a life expectancy at peak performance of only ten times in water when used for a race, then they have to be discharged!
Now, when all is done and said: Some countries can afford this, others can't and will suffer an disadvantage.
Question: Do you think that is fair competition?


Ingrid said...

actually Zee..I think that most of the competitors from other countries could..just not the smaller ones.. smaller being the likes of African countries.. Western countries will have enough promotional materials behind them to be able to do so..


Seraphine said...

if i can wear that suit and break a record, then it's unfair.
but i don't think it's the clothes that make the man, in this case. even accounting for the 100th of a second saved by seamless fabric, he's pretty much blown everyone else out of the... um... water.

Zee said...

I noticed that Chinese competitors put duct-tape across the logos of the swim suit. It is hilarious to see this "high-tech" game. It is actually quite political, considering the circumstances.

Zee said...

I agree with you on Michael P. He did and does blow out the competition - granted!
But what is wrong with ordinary trunks or bikini-like enclosures?
I think they should compete naked, like in the old times. No muscle enhancing fabric allowed!

Ingrid said...

Zee..I did not consider the political aspect as my head's been into politics of another kind these days..but you're right. Oh and as for Michael being 'sexy'?? were joking right? Who knows what it is but even a goodlooking kid that age doesn't do it for me.. men I think are more likely to be attracted to some young 'thing' but I prefer them at least a bit older than that.. or older too.. see, I'm easier to please, oh no, I should call that 'flexible' [g]


lindsaylobe said...

I dont think the particular swimsuit will make that much difference in the overall scheme of things.

But today technology and science completely dominates most sports results. We get a thrill out of seeing someone breaking world records but how much of it is as a direct result of science?, as your post suggests !.

Without the aid of biomechanics, aquatic testing, research, fatigue and recovery training and the computer simulated research they wouldn’t even stand a chance. Without detracting from individual performances, that's why sportspeople are getting phsically much sronger and faster. But you need very deep pockets to fund it all.

Best wishes

susan said...

I'm not into the Olympics even one little bit. I might be interested as I was many years ago when I was politically ignorant but today with the smart bombs and smart drones and smart armor I'm just not ready for a smart bathing suit.

Zee said...

you are just too much Susan, all I can say for tonight, and I will leave all the other respectable posters hanging until tomorrow ...

Seraphine said...

so you don't think swimming naked would be... um... a drag for him? having a small penis, or no penis at all would be an advantage. or if the rudder (penis) hangs to one side, the swimmer could veer out of his lane.

Lee said...

"That's no smart rudder...that's my penis!" he would say, with a, sadly, unironic smile.

Zee said...

I was not trying to get into what dicks can do as a rudder in water, nor was I playing with any other kinds of thoughts of that manner, or was I?
I don't even watch the Olympics, simply because I have no TV. But from the audio reports I gather, that Phelps guy is a fine swimmer, sexy suit or not...
The Olympics are a weird game these days. Yesterday, or the day before, Georgia and Russia was in a competition, what a timing!
Anyhow, vital team-members of the Georgian team were actually South American or of Caribbean decent, neutralized in quick temporary fashion.
So what does this look like?
It appears to be that mercenaries are competing with other mercenaries. I see no sports in that!

susan said...

It is not sporting
It's just war transferrance.

gfid said...

mikey might be a really sexy guy, but that is NOT a sexy bathing suit. (rudder or no rudder, as Sera suggested)