Monday, August 25

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one is a stagnant seat, the other one rolls...
Both are appropriate.
Sometimes it's "move" - sometimes it is "rest".
C'est la vie mon dieu (did I spell this right?)
Nevermind, we will be back to politics and olympics (uhhps, they are gone) sooner than later. In the mean time, ah - I keep saying this, the enjoyment of the last summer days scenario, sorry for repeating myself.
Jung would have something to say about this, these archetypal days of whining summer days and how they affect the soul. But he ain't around to give his comments anymore. So maybe I give you a Tarot reading instead, sort of the same thing.
And here it is: You got the star in the center, the hanged man above, the magician to your right and the fool to your left. Interpretation is all yours...


Seraphine said...

i'll take the fool to my left.
oh, was that an option?

Zee said...

OK Sera, since you are such a nice girl, I'll give you my reading.

Your center, your heart, is represented by the star-bearer, who happens to be a woman-figure in this case.
It means that there is purity and innocence in in the center of your feeling-life.

Above is the hanged man, representing consciousness and your head-thinking. He is tied by his feet on a branch of a tree, fully conscious and not unhappy. It is the number 12 card in the deck.
What that means, is that your thinking has come full circle and a new cycle of things to come will begin.

The fool on your left hand represents the past. He is chasing a butterfly and is about to fall into a ravine or canyon. In the last second his companion, a little dog, bites his ankle and saves his fatal faith.
What that means, is that your past has seen some careless steps, but good fortune (the little dog) has kept you from getting into grave trouble.

The magician is to the right, representing future endeavors. He is not an initiate, but someone who already is "there".
What that means, is that your future will be determent by the gifts you already have, not the ones you still can aquire.

I'd rather do this kind of thing in real time Sera, but 3500 miles distance aren't very practical at all.