Sunday, August 17

how come I have to cut my pubic hair?

You know, the answer is quite simple. There are sooo many infested deer-ticks in this region that it will make you itch and go through convulsions by simply thinking of them.
If you let them harbor your blood (what they so much like to do for breeding) it may put you on "slow death row". Your joints will get crappy (no more Phelps glory or medals here) your brain might get damaged (bye, bye that Einstein) and your general health will deteriorate in pace with the present crumbling housing markets. In other words: You suffer and fall, and become an invalid stinking mushroom. (Oh, the politically correct word might be: "A slightly differentiated human being"). Whatever, so this is just a management issue, has nothing to do about having kinky sex, it is only attempted pest control. You see them ticks better without hair, believe me, - and now it is time to cut this lawn.


Zee said...

I will actually post a comment first on my own comment skew - what an odd thing to do....

You know, the so called "Lyme disease" is pretty bad. In early stages antibiotics help well, thereafter you are doomed.

So, I wasn't kidding with this post, this was not an other "Zee trip phenomena" - it is actually a serious matter in upstate NY, especially in Columbia county where I happen to live.

Sue said...

Maybe Lymes is why Sera's plethora is burning?

Thanks for visiting. My music is one thing about me that makes me feel like I'm from outerspace, here in the 'burbs. Not too many people "get" it... I'm glad you do!

Zee said...

Hey Sue,
I don't think the mysterious maladies that have riddled Sera lately have anything to do with Lyme-disease. The climate where she lives is just not very supportive of that nasty tick.

Ingrid said...

actually, when I lived in Canada I heard about these 'black flies' and they took very noticeable bites out of you when they bit you. You and me both probably thought, damn, what kinda freakin' bugs to they have over here that you have to worry about infesting one way or another or feast on your flesh!! You know..I can totally understand that you're just trying to 'stay alive' and be one step ahead of any damn tick that might have the urge..yikes!!

soo.. good for you, better be safe than sorry..


Zee said...

the first time I had a serious situation with Lyme-disease was in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
We were camping somewhere around Truro. I got so bad, that I couldn't drive a car anymore; my son, who was barely 17 at that time, drove us home. His first experience on the Interstate Highways, me bubbling whispers of commands how to change the lanes into his ears as he drove.

We made it OK, but I'll tell you, Lyme-ticks and Nile-disease mosquitoes, those things are not a pleasant story.