Monday, August 18

What's wrong with the BBC?

I got to admit it, when I start up the computer every morning, that thing brings me to the front page of the BBC's international edition. Fine, get over it, I am a news-junky, slap me if you wish. I don't care - ouch, that hurt!

But what is it that is happening to the BBC the last few days (and a little more than that) is it that they are obsessed, consumed, addicted, sucked in, paralyzed by the conflict in Georgia.
Every fucking day I wake up and turn on my laptop, there is GEORGIA and that little disputed triangle they all got so hot about. Russian troops will pull out tomorrow, Russia signs cease fire, Russians don't follow cease fire agreements, Russia will always protect Russians - and so on, and so on... What is it, that makes the BBC so tunnel minded? Isn't there other things to report about everyday and be put on the head-lines?

When the US bombed Panama to get Noriega and killed hundreds of civilians due to that sly adventure, nobody gave a shit. It was a two day event in the daily news, that was it.
So what is this darn obsession by the Brits now? What kind of clarification or redemption do they seek? Why do they "hammer" on Russia's obeseality? I mean, give me a break. This would be like Texas claiming independence (what I wish they would do) and then the US government troops trying to secure back the premises and everybody in the whole wide worlds screams: Oh no!

I am just asking questions, and I don't speak very clearly here at this point and time. The only thing I know for sure, is, that at the treaty in Versailles at the end of WW1, the Anglo-Saxon "wing" contributed strongly to impose sanctions on Germany which were humanly and physically impossible to satisfy, hence lay the breeding ground for the Second World War and Hitler's reign to become. The Brits basically saw to, that the Weimar Republik went down the road of self-extinction by not letting it strive to become a fully democratic entity.

Back to Georgia, Russia, the Brits and the BBC.
No, let us not go back there, I'm too tired now. But I tell you one thing, I get notoriously suspicious when one "outlet" (BBC in this case) of a particular country gets sucked into a vortex of repetition, of any kind that is...

Tomorrow, or the day after, I will speak again about how the green grass is growing, the dismantling of my pubic hair is proceeding, the shores of islands are splendid and that coming of fall, or autumn - or any other of those other trivial matters.
Until then, be well, be good and behave!
Cheers, Zee.


♥nova-san said...

Fortunately, I didn't get the pleasure of all the hype on BBC about Georgia. It seemed the media was all about the coverage of the Olympics (which I have personally boycotted). I don't even like the news anymore, even though I used to be a news junkie.

I love reading all the goings-on in the day in the life of Zee... but the dismantling of your hair down there... well, that's just a little TMI.

Cheer up, Zee. Things can only get better. I hope.

♥nova-san said...

Ok... you got me. I just scrolled down and read your prior post. I feel like an idiot now.

*hangs head down in shame

Zee said...

Sorry for too much information Nova-San. It will probably not happen again, or at least until next time...

By the way, I do not watch the Olympics either.

Zee said...

What the heck are you talking about Nova-San, Your head is supposed to rise high!!!!!!
Where I live, it is about the worst situation for deer - ticks in the United States.
So yes, it was a joke in certain ways with that pubic hair stuff I posted, but in reality it ain't.
I have a 16 year old cat, she wants to get petted and "schmooze" with me. I can't let her. This is sad.
The ticks she carries (the old grandma) are abundant enough to put me to the grave.
Of course "she" doesn't understand when I whisk her away. But I do still have an iota of self-preservation left in my veins.
So it is either the cat --- or me!

gfid said...

i'm cramming a bit.... been away, and trying to catch up! oi! it's like following ricochet rabbit! and that's one of the things i like best about your blog.

i don't follow Olympics much either, except what i can't avoid on the radio. don't own a t.v.

i feel very sorry for your grannykitty. she just doesn't understand, does she? is there nothing that repels those rotten bugs? i guess that's one perk about living so far north. most ticks can't survive our winters.

Zee said...

Hello GF,
well the cat is old (18), she got Alzheimers and her hearing is shot.
When I come home I have to honk the horn so she moves her but out of the driveway. There are some products to repel ticks, but she is too old for that.
All best greetings, from ricochet rabbit.