Thursday, August 28

the young ones rule the sun

I am not quite finished with "the season", sipping in the last rays of sunshine.
I feel depressed, on one side, on the other - relief of knowing of what will lay ahead.
Will this be the last summer - do I need to collect my thoughts in a real paper diary, with that worn down pencil, and without the convenience of spell-checking?
Perhaps that's the way to go, at least a parallel avenue.
Sometimes I am worried that our interactions have become so de-fragmented, that the digital data transfer does not reach our analog brains anymore.
Time to brush your hands and arms into stinging-nettle; it's actually a healthy thing to do.
Oh, the girl above (picture) - wasn't my take, sorry! But she looks like a good representative of these vining days of summer. I have some other model up the sleeve, but only will tell you about it when it becomes reality.


Bettina said...

I love real paper diaries and worn down pencils. And I love real handwritten letters. And the end of summer, but only if it feels as if it would never end.

Zee said...

Well put Bettina.
sisch eifach a biz melancholisch, dr spaetsummer...

Ingrid said...

oive..when you're talking about the last summer..what are you referring to??
what is making you feel melacholic really?

just wondering Zeester..


Zee said...

... just sighs of depression Susan.
Winter is too long where I live.