Friday, August 29

Give me a spaceship - NOW!!!!

This is odd. The Vice president nominee for the Republicans is a woman who is from Alaska, a place of the earth where oil rules, icicles are considered nourishment, and reindeer's stored for Santa to ride around next Christmas.
As much as I hate conspiracy theories (although they sometimes carry a kernel of truth) I must point out that the Republican party in the US has shot themselves into the foot. But worse, shot the country into it's head.
Now, this is my personal "conspiracy theory".
There is a gang of influential people who just don't want to see the US become "healthy" again. Why that is so I do not know.
So there are two scenarios.
McCaine (his 72nd birthday as of today) suffers a heart attack one or two years down the road, the Tootsie-Muzzie vice takes over and runs the country further to oblivion (with a little help of some Rep. friends, which she didn't even had a clue about that those drones were around in the first place (she'll learn)).
Obama gets elected (as he should 'cause he is just more intelligent) - gets shot Kennedy style and then Biden grabs the rudder.
Perhaps the second scenario is a bit less frightening, even though murder is involved.

Look, I am playing with words. But the "conspiracy" is completely translucent. McCaine is now set up to loose, masterminded by his own Republicans, so the Repubs can take the benefit to reconfigure themselves in four years to come, and come back with force.

I surely don't know anymore what I shall think of Duocracy -
Let's go back to "sex in the city" - better contentment? ...perhaps!
(I don't know if that was correct - I do not watch television)


susan said...

Maybe he just wants her around to give him CPR. You're right. It's all very weird indeed.

Cym said...

Let's see now:

1) she's inexperienced (2 years as Governor, mayor of a small town, and that's it)

2) at this time she'd never be a serious contender for president on her own

3) supposedly McCain only met her ONCE prior to choosing her (even prospective managers for McDonald's usually get a second interview). This is a clear demonstration of poor judgment, and someone likely to make rash decisions in the future.

4) And perhaps the most significant hypocrisy of all is that, all along, McCain's platform has being touting age and experience, and Obamas apparent lack of, as a good reason to vote for McCain.

5) Yet Obama is like a seasoned veteran compared to Palin.

And if you want to get into conspiracy theories its almost like "they" (whoever "they" are) are setting it up that Obama must win, and will surely win by a landslide. Or if McCain does win, they're giving us a giant FU, laughing in our faces, just like when George W won (who's qualifications were quite similar to Palin's, except she's probably smarter).

Zee said...

we sure live in interesting times, Susan and Cym!