Tuesday, August 12

Noah's Arc

I hope you have better weather where you are...
Don't worry, I am not thinking of the Olympics today, the contortions of human flesh in speed do not attract me anymore, I am too old for this. It's all a game anyway, but not very Olympic in nature.
Back in the days, ah - I do not wish to go there.
But today it is all about swimsuit-technology.
And as it rains here, as it has not ever rained here before, I start to comprehend the motto of "global warming". Basically what global-warming does in my observations, is to create extreme weather patterns all around the world, both locally and nationally (or continentally for that matter).
If we don't watch out, a Noah's Arc will not subsidize this time around.
I don't think a spaceship would be an adequate alternative either.


Seraphine said...

ouch. thats a lot of rain.
send some of it here to california.
we need it. half of our trees
are dying for lack of water
(and too many bugs), the other half are
burning down.

Zee said...

Sera, your comments always make me laugh, or at least chuckle!
What the heck do you expect? You are living in a stretch of land that used to be a desert, now mother-nature claims it back ... what can you do, especially after all the rivers feeding the artificial oasis come to be depleted?!
I guess move east...

Ingrid said...

love the rain..we had some today and it was a welcome reprieve from the searing heat and continuous sun!! global warming will cause more rain in some areas and less in others.. like ours.
so for now..I love the rain..


gfid said...

well, northern alberta isn't a desert.... yet.... and we've had less than an inch of rain since march where i live....yet just a half hour drive away, things are green and lush.... like we have an invisible bubble over us, and the rains fall all around us, but not on us.

Lee said...

Sure is beautiful. I love those heavy summer cloudbursts. Not like we can snap our fingers and make it change, so may as well stand on the porch and let it mesmerize you...it'll be just bloody cold before you know it. (Not that there's anything wtong with that. Ha!)

susan said...

I kind of enjoy contortions of human flesh.. personally, that is.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Zee
You’re all washed out while we prey for more rain down under as much of the country is still suffering from the effects of draught.

It used to be a joke that everybody complains about the weather but no one is wiling to do anything about it!

Well old Mother Nature is going to give us a lesson on global warming!
Best wishes

Zee said...

Granny Fiddler
that is odd, you live in a bubble?

I love rain as well, sometimes in moderation.

don't talk about cold ... but if you must, oh well. I have a chain saw I could lend you. Did you know that?

You and your raven put a smile on my face

I hope your prayers will be heard! Yes, mother nature has her own agenda. Maybe we as humans have to reconsider our relationship with her to establish a better report for the future.

lindsaylobe said...

That’ it with Mother Nature, for there is no common panacea or methodology going foreword.
Rather what i thnk is needed is a partnership approach with nature itself. We need to make a covenant with nature, to respect and learn at both the grass roots areas on the farm, in the communities and at the highest levels of society.

The old landscapes will never reappear fully, but we can, in our dreaming, create a new landscape, one that will last for ever, but we will need to respect our partner Mother Nature.

best wishes