Monday, August 25

Iraq withdrawal? - my ass YoYo!

"On Friday, a senior Iraqi official said a draft security agreement included the withdrawal of US forces from all Iraqi urban areas by June 2009.
The 27-point agreement reportedly includes a compromise allowing US soldiers some immunity under Iraqi law.
It is thought some US troops could remain beyond 2011 to train Iraqi security forces."

(end pasted quote from the BBC)

Now that is a lousy solution, read this thing carefully. It says "Urban areas".
I guess the five major military bases outside of Baghdad are not affected by this, which are "Non-urban" by nature, including the presence of all McDonald outlets there, the airport strips, the Hallmark picture card store for the soldiers...

OK, that stuff above is probably not "news on the edge".
Instead we might look at the Democratic convention in the US, which starts tonight. Billions of dollars spent so far on this adventure. Fairly interesting, but maybe not.

In comparison they spend about two months of campaigning in Canada to promote a major candidate, then the people vote, after that you cross your fingers.

I believe our "Democracy" has become a whore, an ugly one that is.
What to do? Decentralize!

(Oh, I have no time for more of this now; got to get back to my brother to finish splitting wood, and he is a professional cellist by trade. Figure that one).


susan said...

It's just bread and circus time while all the real business continues out of public view. Washington with the help of 'K' St. has become 'all campaign all the time'.

♥nova-san said...

This whole war/politics/economy thing going on in the U.S. makes me wish I were a national of another country. Okay, not really, but you get my drift. I am way more than sick of the state of our nation. We need something... different... but I'm not exactly sure that any one person can do that job.

Seraphine said...

some people go through their entire lives trying to decentralize.
sometimes they get wobbly.
then they stress trying to find their center again.
it's all balance.
there's some ugly whore in all of us.
not me of course.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Zee
Loved the Bike picture in your previous post; it reminded me of my small bike which cornered beautifully to the extent I wore down the footrest from scrapping the bitumen around the corners. But I also managed to seize up the engine from excessive revs. I have also ridden a Honda twin cylinder 750 which developed a healthy 45 bhp but handled poorly.

On the question of voting in the USA I guess an alternative would be to carve up the country into maybe 8 or 9 distinctive regions, an expression of what it already is ?, and limit voting to 2/3 months?
Is that ever debated?

Best wishes

Zee said...

I don't have words to reply - I don't even know where "K" street is at. Call me an ignorant country dweller, I don't care.

Zee said...

that is why we eventually need to be more than ONE person...

Zee said...

your comments are sometimes too intelligent for me to comprehend.

Zee said...

your thoughts are sound, and my bike is 49cc

scaramouche jones said...

The agreement has a clause where the timeline for withdrawl can be extended to 2015 if both parties agree.

Zee said...

there is no withdrawal as long the empire exists. That's sort of the bottom line analysis.
The price is hefty, but that is what is going to happen.

susan said...

'K Street' in Washington is where all the lobbyists are headquartered in bright, shiny new buildings.

Zee said...

I guess I don't know about the lobbyists and K street at all Susan.
Tonight I am tired, but tomorrow I will continue my learning...