Tuesday, October 14

Bipolar world - Asrology

I lost my last sentimental self-centered post. Now I will shed some crocodile tears and renew it at some point in the future. Did you know by the way, that the scorpion is the only animal that can, and also will, submit suicide? The eagle is the redeemed and transformed Scorpio in the "hermetic zodiac", at least that's what I have been told.

"Whoever wants to be remembered, we should forget them immediately."
Gore Vidal (2008)


susan said...

"Madness is to think of too many things in succession too fast, or of one thing too exclusively."

Voltaire, who was born and died on the same Scorpion birthdate as me.

Zee said...

You are a Scorpio Susan - well, you are actually not! Today's Astrology is still using the equinox point of two thousand years ago. It has shifted a full sign since...
Me, I am not a Taurus anymore, even though I was born in May. The truth is, I am Gemini.
But one does not need to see this issue "black&white". There is a certain reality or truth about the "old" system, but there is also relevance to appreciate the new correction where stars are actually at in reality.
By the way, Astrology is only helpful when looking at the details of a chart. Knowing that you were born under a specific sign, means as much as saying: I was born in Africa, Europe, Asia, North America etc... in other words, it has no meaning whatsoever.
My hair is blond (still) - that means also nothing.
If you cut the world population into 12 peaces, there will be a happy mix in all of them.

susan said...

Astrology's a funny and complex subject - more so than most people know as you suggest. I did have my chart detailed by some very astute astrologers years ago including Dane Rudhyar ..the most famous of them all. It's more philosophy than science and can be a useful tool for personal growth. Like anything else it's teachings can be oversimplified and abused for personal self aggrandizement.

Zee said...

OK, let us start a simple approach here Susan-Raven - just for fun.
You look at your chart. There is a line that divides the sky from your ascendant to your descendant.
One area is the actual sky that was above you when you were born, the other half was below the horizon.
The planets above the horizon speak as if you would look through a stain glass windows in a church. They show their true color. They filter whatever "cosmic radiance" there is out of the sphere of the zodiac and taint it to a specific characteristic.
The planets below the horizon do not have that ability.
They just are. And the are appearing in your subconscious state, not your alert and ready to go awake daily consciousness.
Ok, so you look at the sky above the horizon in your horoscope.
All the stellar signs that are visible, work on you discreetly - the ones who did not appear (below the horizon) work in your sleep.
This is just a start to look at this stuff. Forget the triangular, square and other relationships between planets for a minute. Just look at the broad picture: What is above, what is below, what is my rising sign. To even comprehend these simplistic gestures, serve more than chasing intricate stellar constellations.

Cym said...

Regarding astrology: That's interesting, and a bit confusing. So does this apply to all signs in your birth chart, that they should be moved one sign forward? So if I am Libra rising, it should actually be Scorpio? I also strongly identify with Sagittarius, was born on the cusp of Scorpio/Sag (Nov 22). Would being born on a cusp make a difference so that Sagittarius would still have a strong influence on my chart, even if moved one sign forward?

Zee said...

Yes Cym - you will have to look at both singes.
But the "cusps thing" you are fortunate and unfortunate at the same time. You gain energy from two sources but sometimes you are in trouble which one to choose.