Friday, October 10

Schadenfreude - damaging, malicious joy

The pictures:
1. Bill Gates bankrupt

2. Investors no more...
3. Trump's bankruptcy

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has activated an emergency finance mechanism to help countries hit by the financial crisis, so they say.
IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Khan said the lending procedure would allow the IMF to react quickly to support countries facing funding problems, like Iceland and so on... (I personally think he is on acid)
And then, what was the DOW today - 9100 or something? Bizarre, but you know what, after all, the national banks around the globe dropped their interest rates an other half of a percent, nothing happened due to this action. The stock marked continued to drop. The bandages didn't do a thing at all so far, left and right from where we see.
(update: The DOW closed at 8450 for the weekend)


lindsaylobe said...

The Dow has since plunged to 8579; the FTSE to 4315 and the Nikkei at 8289 plummeted more than 11 percent on Friday to record its biggest one-day drop since the 1987 stock market crash. A stampede for cash swimming in a red sea of sell orders.
So we have the global solution in the hands of the G7 but the G7 excludes any developing countries so it needs to be expanded to the G20, to work with the IMF to put in place more sold architecture with measures to help resume sensible trading in the real economy.
The developing countries can bring a grass roots perspective to the global table. If we can figure out why we got into this mess, you can figure out how to find a better more sustainable way forward collectively. It’s a global village, so you can’t progress in isolation, even though we may all dream of that mythical tropical island paradise. Best wishes

FANCY said...


Welcome to my site...

No I'm not moving...and I'm not a user of the spice thing *LOL* I prefer a more flower thing maybe with a touch of orange flower ;)

Seraphine said...

the world did not end with the destruction of the dinosaurs, or later, the fall of rome.
it's scary, but what can we do but go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful day.

susan said...

Very funny pictures you've come up with here.

Ah well, there's always the chance of a nice cup of tea or an understanding smile. If it all ends we can hold hands and let go with love.

Celloman said...

Zee, You're analysis is somewhat faulty. An interest rate drop needs in most cases at least a year before any corrective results will be seen. That being said, interest rate drops by the government immediately hurt those folks who save money in CD's, money markets, Savings etc. because the earning rates go down. It hurts the finantially responsible in the short term.

Zee said...

You know, I don't think I am accurate this time around brother!
The DOW will start around 8500 on Monday, and then plunge into the 7000 category. Not that this vividly will effect our personal lives, but maybe some others...