Sunday, October 19

Capitalism versus Capitalism

All the big honchos are comming together (from the G8 and also a few delegates from "deprived" nations) to discuss how to fix the "global-economy-crisis" while the IMF boss intermediately will be questioned about favoring his former lover, who happened to be a an employee at this International Monetary Fund institution . Good luck with that. Guess who is hosting this storm-braining session? W. Bush, after the November election that is. This reminds me of a bunch of pigs. They are locked into their stable and the warden has left. The key buried under heaps of manure, or shall I call it growing piles of shit? No Exit. What the swines don't understand, is that they are on their own now - trapped. And so they grunt for pity, for resurrection, help from us common folks to take a shovel and clean up their shit, clean up the stable - and by a miracle maybe find the key, unlock the doors and let the pigs out again to let them all ravage on some untouched, virgin pastures?
This ain't no Animal Farm a la Orwell, this isn't an experiment of sociological studies. This is bluntly a bloody mess, and I will have nothing to do with it! But I'll give you just an example though of the "French pig", and what he said today:

Sarkozy said, the hedge funds, tax havens and financial institutions operating without supervision should all be re-thought."This is no longer acceptable," he added. "This is no longer possible... This sort of capitalism is a betrayal of the sort of capitalism we believe in."

This (the French minister) was his stereotype answer: This sort of present capitalism is not longer my capitalism, because I only gain shit. Therefore this capitalism is not the one I can believe in. But what is the kind of capitalism YOU personally believe in? Maybe we should ask the plumber Joe (or was it Bob) for the answer. After all, that dude is neither licensed as a professional plumber, nor did he pay his taxes in time and presently owes $32,000 to the IRS. Ah, it is exciting to be a celebrity for 15 minutes once in your life, but the risk is that all the shit you didn't want to talk about arises to the surface and becomes starkly available then to all the other six-pack buyers. Unclog them drains.

No, seriously - I am actually interested what your thoughts are about capitalism. Obviously the coloration of present schemes are not working out at all, neither does Fundamentalism in the Arab world or elsewhere. So, what will it be - a constant repair and continuum of present misdemeanors, or is there at some point, a new outlook and a focus beyond the stables of greed and destructive martyrdom?


Anonymous said...

In order for humanity (future generations) to survive then Capitalism as the world knows/understands it now ... will have to die. What will replace it is anyone's guess at this stage. All of the existing "isms" are not an option, nor will they succeed in Capitalism' place. The dollar will die and it is already in it's death throes and there won't be anything that combined governments can do about it. Greed of the few prevailed for too long to stop the slippery slope now. Get back to basics is my advice ... simplify and debt free up your life in preparation. Have good skills to barter with.

Zee said...

Aggie you are from NZ, are you not? I think I happen to start to like you a bit - and this is not a courtship during a ballroom dance whatsoever.
I was only on the North Island when I was there. But I had time on my side, the story later...
What did strike me though, was the incredible possibilities for NZ to be self-proficient. (besides some amazing nature experiences)
Point being, no matter where you are, it will be the local community you eventually will have to pour your trust into. Be it through manufacturing things, education, arts, and all others...

lindsaylobe said...

On March 22 1932-during a celebration of the 100th anniversary of Goethe’s death Albert Schweitzer said ‘On a thousand different ways mankind has been persuaded to give up its natural relations with reality, and to seek its welfare in the magic formulas of some kind of economic and social witchcraft, by which the possibility of freeing itself from economic and social misery is further removed.

It seems to me we have continued on in similar manner in the post war period of capitalism entrenched in the myth we have unlimited resources to use as we please and to impose our will and internal vision on others. It is interesting to note from a historical perspective folk were mystified as to why the British Empire was involved in far off places in the world like Iraq, to shape it in the vision of its Empire, just as today we attempt a similar folly.

Capitalism will survive but it is entering a new era of reality where the true cost of its capital will finally be known and which will influence all of its choices. From out of our current storm and misery is the realization that we are no longer sustainable under the old model. This was already known but the recent collapse has heightened our awareness of the need to embrace sustainability.

What I mean by that is any economic progress can only succeed in tandem with environmental stewardship and social wellbeing. Future profit, job creation, energy conservation, pollutant reduction, labor standards and community impact are all inistricably linked to lead to business sustainability changing the shape of capitalism throughout the world, from supply to sale and payment.

In a nutshell what I mean is to use its resources in a manner that doesn’t ruin the future chances to keep using those resources in perpetuity; to live off the income whilst preserving our capital.
Those that do that will survive, whilst many dinosaurs unable to adapt quickly will not.

As you have gathered; I believe in sustainability and that is finally taking shape in sustainable capitalism.
This is also the view of most of the 700 attendees at a recent congress which I attended recently.

That is quite apart from the current tragedy taking place.

Best wishes

Celloman said...

Effective capitalism requires people to take personal responsibility. However, no matter what the system, greed and immorality continue to exist among the well off. Perhaps the real problem is social ill...human nature? Personally, if I found myself in a communist or socialist governance, I would suffocate. Nevertheless, I could not agree more with Lindsaylobe..........

Zee said...

Thanks for stopping by. It is always appreciated, your comments are thought provoking and eloquent. That is why I call you my brother for certain - and all kinds of other reasons as well.

Yes, I agree, Lindsay from Australia did (again) a fine summary of the present status of the so called "financial-crisis".

ANNA-LYS said...

R.I.P. $$

ANNA-LYS said...

I read here somewhere about "personal" capitalism - can capitalism be anything else than "personal", in the means of egoistic?

Zee said...

svenska Analis I am sorry not to jump to your page today... but yes, capitalism equals personal gain, no doubt.

goatman said...

I like the kind of Capitalism wherein, when you screw up, the system is designed to allow you to suffer the consequences.
Good luck with that!!

Zee said...

right on goatman!

PG said...

you have to have to have to watch the Zeitgeist.
you may or may not be offended by the first part, but part 2 and 3 are just MUST watches
(its just one film but with.. err.. 3 chapters kind of thing)

zeitgeist 2 is as good/ even better

!!! please watch it and tell me what u think!