Friday, October 31


Ok, the festivity of Halloween is upon us tomorrow (for some it is already happening today, down under...).

There is not much I can say about this "vacation" - "holiday". Can I fly through the spiders web? Well. the Celtic folks invented this festival, to chase away the demons, or so I've been told. My pub, the other one, downtown keeps up with the spirit. They put up some spiderwebs for kicks.

Well, the poem will come tomorrow...
or an other day.


Anonymous said...

Some of us live amongst the spider webs permanently. Lol!
Happy Halloween.

Seraphine said...

i *LOVE* the spiderwebs and powerlines. cool photo, zee.
p.s. don't try to fly through
the spider's web. it's there
for a reason, and many before
you have made the same mistake.

nova-san said...

Nice photo indeed. Very halloweeny feel to it. :-)

I've always wanted to go to those countries that really celebrate "halloween," the ones that celebrate All Soul's Day. I hear they make a real party out of it.