Monday, October 20

It is Monday - on that week day we should not work at all

I just came across this, this rambunctious poet who later in life chooses to be a merchant (hired killer) in Africa, throwing away his mental genius for the sake of guns and war, then further down the road (early 40's?) dies of cancer.

"Genius is the recovery of childhood at will"... he said

Brilliant! This Rambeaux person (did I spell this right?) was ahead of his time, a visionary of sorts.

You know this stuff, the "Facebook thing". You browse around and suddenly you get entrapped on pastures of the past. So here it is, no censorship, no bias. Came across this fine picture. It is a lovely woman from years ago, holding a toddler who I once took care of. Now this kid has her own kids and lives close by. Bizarre. (yeah - I did also care about the mother, no worries).
I think I am a bit dumbfounded to have turned 50, not realizing how time went flying by.

(Oh, you might wonder where this above picture was taken - in the suburbs of Bergen, Norway around 1980)

Maybe I confuse people, therefore I added this picture below of the above baby, now all grown up, holding her own child...
My point was merely, that time runs fast, like quicksand through bony fingers.


FANCY said...


I coming by your really good site...I like it a lot.

I have a party going on in my "cottage" put on your irresistible smile and the dancing shoes the rest is on me :)

Zee said...

... I usually like to dance barefoot, if there is not too much broken glass around. Do you mind?

FANCY said...

No I don't...*L*

It have to be your irresistible smile who make me so crazy *LOL*

Zee said...

Why do you call yourself FANCY, what's that all about?
I mean - I do like your horse with wings picture, your attitude, your blog and all... but I am not sure I can buy into a whole package of ABBA. Maybe we can meet at the junction, without the bells and whistles. Down there, where the road forks...

Seraphine said...

really, zee, you probably know yourself better now than at any other time in your life.
(no, i'm not comparing you to a comfortable shoe).
there is a peace to knowing. knowing yourself, your feelings, what pleases you, who you are.
you don't have to ask yourself if you are in love anymore.

Cynnie said...

I'm almost 50 ..
Its sort of nice ..i see my whole family in my face now ..
When I smile there's my mother , i cry i see my grandmother ..
cometimes when I'm really laughing ..a real belly laugh..there's my grandfather ..
its comforting

Zee said...

Daunting: " don't have to ask yourself if you are in love anymore."
I don't know Sera, I am in love all the time, with something or someone. If that fades, you can declare me clinically dead.

To clarify the picture I posted, I took it twenty something years ago and lost it (like a lot of pics of that time) and then "found" it on the Myspace website of the daughter who now is a grown up woman herself, accompanied with yet an other beautiful baby.

All this was a "deja vue" extraordinaire to me. Sorry for piling up personal stuff on this site - will have to get away from that in the future (somehow).

Zee said...

Hi Cynnie - nice to see you here again! How is PR treating you?
Lost my cell phone again!!!! so I can't even call.
Your smiles might be luscious, mine are fading with age....

Seraphine said...

aww zee. i'm sorry. i was imagining that the older one gets, the more comfortable one gets with their bodies and emotions.
i was so awkward as a teenager. i can remember running debates with myself whether i was in love or not. i knew it was silly, but i had nothing to compare the experiences with. it was all new.
when i said you never have to wonder if you are in love or not, it was referring to self-knowledge and comfort in being who you are.
it's wrong to project my experience on others, i'm sorry.

Zee said...

What's this -remorse?
Silly. Felt extremely out of place as a teenager myself, even in my "tweens".
Now as you stated so wisely, age becomes an asset.
But does it really?
I think I behave as much as a fool now, as I was being foolish back then.
No "sorriness" needed from your side Sera all will flush down the pike as it is supposed to do.

nova-san said...

It's like we all know that time does fly by, but even as we know it, somehow we are not always aware of it. Does that make sense?

I love the two photographs - showing them side by side makes me think that somehow things do come full circle.

Zee said...

Nova San ...
For once I take a compliment. Yes, I also think the two pictures tell quite a story.
Oh, do you make sense? Perhaps... :)))!

susan said...

I have a doctor friend in his 70's who divorced his first wife and married a much younger woman 20 years ago. Now he can't retire because he has 3 more children to put through school and he's too worn out to go dancing with his 40 year old wife. Hmmm.. Draw your own conclusions.

Zee said...

you can't have it both ways Susan,
either you dance or you drop.
(or you dance and then you drop ... sort of a compromise)

susan said...

I guess I'm just happy that my husband and I have stayed in step in spite of the odds.

Cym said...

"Genius is the recovery of childhood at will" - Great quote, and couldn't agree more.

Also, wonder if anyone else noticed, but the young lady pictured below on the right could be Sheryl Crow's (the musician) double - looks just like her, but a little younger.

Zee said...

Hmm - she is brilliant of sorts Cyn - but she ain't the sister of Crow...