Thursday, October 9

sunset over Boston from an aeroplane window

I am officially back now, and I screwed up this picture because I forgot to turn off the auto-focus on the camera, hence the emphasis on the scratchy window.
Most people in the cabin had their jalousies down and went on reading. Depressing how insensitive humans can get these days. There is this most spectacular sunset, one of a lifetime, and those people don't even notice it. What's up with that?
I think Darvin was wrong as well. We did not evolve from apes. Apes are the degenerated result of humans who failed previously to save their integrity. And now evolution will create even more apes. Humanity will split into two races. The desensitized bunch, who only cares about stock-markets, money and greed, or have been dulled otherwise, will become the brand new species of apes. Only difference is, the existing apes are vegetarians, the new bunch are carnivores, meat eaters. Watch out when you hear that knock on the door, he or she might eat you alive!
So what is the task of the "non-ape-humans" then?


lindsaylobe said...

Nice pics; any chance that reactor will be phased out from 2009?

Others pics are great - Faust is one of my favouite opera's.

I just attended a philosophy conference- what a relief to be away from the daily dose of toxic soup news which is becoming our daily bread !!

Here are some thoughts on the bells you heard.

The bells are our memories of centuries past
In sweet tones of mercy bring us stillness at last
Through dungeons and wars as new nations give birth
Their joyful chimes are of the peace power unsurpassed

Anonymous said...

Welcome home. I think that picture is fantastic.

I guess it will be the job of the non-ape humans to try to preserve humanity.

They (we?) have our work cut out for us.

Zee said...

Usually Lindsay, Goethe's Faust if performed at all, will only deal with the first part, the second one is too "etheric" for most people to compile. There is a place in Switzerland, Dornach by Basel, where they perform both parts. It is the only place in the world I know where they do such a thing. Unfortunately it is presented in German, will do you little good.

...and I do like your "bell description".
Be well, and enjoy philosophy!

Zee said...

Rescue me, rescue me dCup, I am becoming more apish as time flies by.