Wednesday, October 8

...heart of the matter, continued

Staufen is a picturesque little German town near Freiburg. The mythology notes, that in this town Mephisto lured Faust to surrender on a journey which, after all kinds of magic and excitement, ended in hell. That was the bargain I guess. With a bit of intervention from God, Faust's soul was thereafter resurected and allowed to enter the heavens after all. You can read the whole story in Goethe's Faust. (lenghty, but brilliant!)
So, in this town, one of my closest friends to my heart got maried in the "Rathaus" (picture below) with a fine lad I have to come to appreciate over the years (a process, not a polaroid). After the official wedding with the justice of peace, they were confronted outside with a cheering crowd who held up a banner. Two scissors were given to them. Now they raced to cut out their heart: Bernd and Claire forever!
I wonder if they will make a pillow-case with that cut out fabric, throw it on a hammock, and sleep on it. That could be comfy.

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Before Sunrise said...

Oh, I love the banner!!!

Zee said...

Yeah, the banner was cute, a surprise to the newly weds as well.

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