Thursday, October 16

Joe the plumber - I want to see his (him) crack

After all the expenses, the pipes, the vehicles, the pay for the employees, all the other stuff you can write off - if then, you would still earn a net of more than $250,000 (a quarter million Dollar) annually, only then you would see an increase in taxes according to Senator Obama's financial plan. I found McCain's rhetoric last evening to be less than amusing, bringing up "Joe the plumber" more than a dozen of times.
The fact is, if McCaine will be elected, unheard of amounts of tax brakes will go out to the Fortune 500 companies, repeating the useless theorem of the "trickle down economy", invented by a charming third grade Spaghetti-Western actor called Ronald Reagan.
If Obama gets elected, there is still some hope that greed and bribes will slow down somewhat. Not entirely, but somewhat...
If he doesn't get elected, because of the ignorance of some "Joe the plumber dudes", it will be a sad day in USA history.


Bettina said...

A sad day indeed- let's hope and pray that won't happen.

I bet'cha Joe the plumber was not impressed when he heard he got used and abused by McCain.

Ingrid said...

actually, joe the plummer is not really who he said he was..check out 'fran's ramblings (her site is probably on Watergate Summer's blogroll)