Wednesday, October 29

Billy Joel - The Downeaster Alexa

This video/soundtrack was ment to be downloaded somehow at "Put your lipstick on the Face Book website". I messed up, and it got double posted, both here and there. But since the link is now here, I might as well deal with it. It is a beautiful pop song, and by all means, pop songs are not my only favorites. But this one in particular carved through my sentiments, leaving tear drops behind, or in my eyes, because I know the issue first hand...
Most of you don't know - that I do know someone closely who depends to catch pray in the North-East Atlantic. The pain and agony he goes through these days, would be worth some paper to scribble on, a novel of sorts, a short story with sad endings, or rays of hope if you wish!
Be well, be good, and save all your forces to further healthy coexistence within our fragile civilization and environment.

PS - did anyone else had a problem to listen to this song besides Aggie?

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Anonymous said...

Aww, it told me it wasn't available to view here. I'm sure its good.

Zee said...

shit - I am working on it, hold your breath Aggie!

Zee said...

...all right then - the link should work fine now, if not - I will start to dig my own grave, find my own ceremony. But you never know, the devil is in the detail....
Is there a safe run towards safety?
OK Aggie got to go, have to rejuvenate, sleep, find a new plan how to deal with tomorrow once I wake up. You'll take care. Thanks for your comment.
Regards, Zee.

Seraphine said...

don't dig your own grave!
and i prefer that ray of hope.
i love happy thoughts,
happy ever afters,
white knights and saved damsels,
the end of pain,
the kiss that awakens.

Zee said...

the kiss that awakens
can make or brake your day
the geese of the north, are flying away
southbound they are
but they don't tell you, they never say
where they will land
wish I could fly
to find my strand