Wednesday, October 15

Harvest Moon


lindsaylobe said...

A true story – picture our Australian Outback in 1932 where there is racial bigotry - .
Entranced by the moon, a young girl steps out of her bedroom window and walks towards it to become lost. Police want famed aboriginal tracker Albert to lead the search, but the missing daughters father says – ‘No black-fella is ever goanna set foot on my land’.
After fruitless searches the mother in desperation rushes to find Albert, who immeadiately tracks her to her resting place;tragically she has just perished.
Albert views his many awards for his life of service he keeps in his pocket and says’ a pocket full of rubbish’
A sad but moving true tale made into a film entitled. – One Night was the Moon.

PS It is incomprehensible for an aboriginal to think of someome owning land - rather they think the land owns them !

Best wishes

Zee said...

I am thankful that you shared this story Lindsay.
The "originals" the Indian tribes of past and present of the US, also see themselves as caretakers of the lands, not owners.