Friday, October 10

I am crushed

My credit is bad
can't buy me a Hummer no more.
It is so sad,
no bank has assets to give me cash.
And when I look at my stash
it is a crumbling feast.

My patience is gone,
let them all drown
and my only song:
Keep em down.

The coyotes have spoken
and by that token
I observe the carnivores
munching each others bones.

But you are not alone.
Once the mist evaporates
we will find ourselves in different states
the greedy shattered
and what does matter
is only your integrity.

So shall it be -
and all of us will see
that community with kindred spirits
is much more powerful than ever imagined
and leverage of persuasion, hardly needed at all -
welcome for now, to these late days of fall.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for community in these times.

linda said...

you have some beautiful photos on your blog...I enjoyed the journey!

Seraphine said...

i've thought for a long time that graveyards should be forests. your beautiful photograph does not dissuade me of that notion.

susan said...

I've had the opportunity to walk through a couple of the old growth forests left out here in the west. They're nothing like the overgrown thickets most people know as woods. It's a lovely picture and a fine piece of poetry.

Zee said...

I always wanted to make a "serious" picture book of graveyards in New England. But then, it has been done before...

A strong local community will be the key to survival, not only a rosy affair.

Thanks for stopping by. I was also impressed by the visuals you put onto your own blog. Let's stay in touch.

I am so happy that you are not a crow! Thanks for your encouragements.

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Gary said...

Nice Zee.