Monday, June 19

Now, that's a fancy way to say: pollution!

Air Stagnation Advisory

-- This National Weather Service product is issued when major buildups of air pollution, smoke, dust, or industrial gases are expected near the ground for a period of time. This usually results from a stagnant high pressure system with weak winds being unable to bring in fresh air. (That's the official definition...)
What kind of bullshit is this? "Air stagnation advisory"! Give me a freaking break, can you say the word: POLLUTION!!! Please!!!!!!!
Ok calm down Zee, they mean well. They do not wish to see additional heart attacks that are already due to high ozone ground levels. Calm down Zee - otherwise you'll see one coming yourself! The wish to protect us by calling it "stagnation" is probably a strategic move of high importance. What a freaking joke. They treat us as if we are illiterate, dumb white trailer trash, all super-size-me addict morons, pebbles in a Kafka'n journey, brittle rust in the teeth-work of the grand machinery that is working for the joyful 2% of the world population, nah, not population - pulp really!

"This weather service product... " I particularly savor that expression, coining absolute ignorant nonsense.
The freaking weather isn't a god damn product - pollution on the other hand is!
Why don't they give it strait to us?


Gary said...

No air stagnation at Sunburst - ever! Just good clean hot and cold air, blowing the dust off our minds and inspiring us to be creative.

Thanks Zee!

Granny said...

We'll have to change the name of the flags our schools fly. Although stagnation isn't too bad a word.

We have some of the worst air in the country.

1. We live in a valley
2. We have a major freeway running almost through town.
3. Lots of cows.

101 degrees today and we could cut the air with a knife.

Merced CA

Meander said...

i love it when you get angry! so full of passion you are!

Zee said...

I am not angry - I am plain mad Meander!
So Granny, you must be somewhere down in Florida?
Good luck with this Hurricane season; will be a wild one ...