Friday, June 9

Terrorists & Trucks

Zarqawi got buried by two 500 pound bombs delivered by a F-16 plane, that's a thousand pounds before it combusted. A lot of action to eliminate just one person, don't you think? Execution Israeli style. They, the Israelis, just bombed to pieces a representative of the new Palestine parliament yesterday in a similar fashion.
Well I know, the Palestinian slash Israeli issue is an other ball-game all together. I have no great sympathy for either side there. In a way they deserve each other until the bitter end. The end that will be total decay.
But Zarqawi is an other thing all together. He was a figure head of the so called "resistance" in Iraq. So for better or worse it becomes an American issue. And now they killed him. Well, I don't loose any tears - after all he was a mercenary from Jordan who kindled and fueled extremist Islamic ideas - not a very practical thing to do in our present world order.
But I think it was a mistake to execute him. The US still hasn't learned!
For each person they kill with 1000 pounds of explosives 1000 new "Zarqawi's" will emerge. It is just the way things go. The only way to combat a Hydra is to look into it's eyes, which would mean that the US would have to look at itself first before fighting "terrorism." Conduct is all what counts.
Instead of pulverizing bodies with violent means, let the enemy fade rusting away, just like the truck on this picture from down the road where I live.


Lindsay Lobe said...

An excellent post.

This man was a terrorist and killed innocent people, but the fan fare and zealous righteousness involved in celebrating his death is overblown, pardon the pun.

Its draws further attention to some one who doesn’t warrant it and helps creates a misplaced martyrdom. How many followers did him have 200 or a thousand?
In death, how many more will now rally.

Zee said...

Thanks for the comment Lindsay.

Granny said...

When we invaded on the flimsiest of excuses, we invited him and his counterparts in.

Now we reap the result.

Gary said...