Wednesday, June 21

My flowers and someone elses poem ... "HUG"

this keeps me distracted to voice my opinion what I really think about the North Korean missile test, and why I think they should go ahead and do it - and why I think Iran should enrich uranium.
This will be a topic for an other post!


The older I get, the more I like hugging, When I was little the
people hugging me were much larger. In their grasp I was a rag doll.
In adolescence, my body was too tense to relax for a hug.
Later, after the loss of virginity-which was anything but a
loss-the extreme proximity of the other person, the smell of
hair, the warmth of the skin, the sound of breathing in the
dark-these were mysterious and delectable. This hug had
two primary components: the anticipation of sex and the
pleasure of intimacy, which itself is a combination of trust and
affection. It was this latter combination that came to characterize
the hugging I have experienced only in recent years,
a hugging that knows no distinctions of gender or age.
When this kind of hug is mutual, for a moment the world is perfect the way it is,
and the tears we shed for it are perfect too. I guess it is an embrace.
by Ron Padgett


Before Sunrise said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Zee... I think we should all wrap our hearts up when we go to bed so we wake up with all the pieces :-)

I loved the poem, I am a fan of giving and receiving hugs!!!

Zee said...

thanks Sunrise - we'll just have to do what we have to do to keep the peaces together.

hashem said...

nice flowers, Zee!