Sunday, June 18


OK, so it's an other day, an ordinary Sunday ... they call it "fathers day" though- fine with me.
But why is it only today?
Do I get all the gratitude or scorn that has build up during one year on this very special day and then be done with it? Why... why not everyday?
I can see the necessity, the urge of our society to focus on a single day and forget about the other 364 days - make it swift, make it easy! Let's get fat, greedy and obnoxious the rest of the year - as long as we keep that special day holy.
Same with "mothers day" or any other "day" day. Do you think the deed is done by giving flowers once a year?
Wouldn't it be cool for once (or thrice) to clean out the kitchen cabinets, scrub the toilet or any other chore at hand? (... for mothers year that is)?

Wouldn't it be nice to be pampered and reminded on a regular basis that dad rocks?
Wouldn't it be awesome to hear the resonance, spirit and voice of Martin Luther King all year round - every year?
Let's celebrate EVERY DAY!
Well anyway, I got a very special present today - a small pitcher with cold extracted virgin honey; from my daughter of course - who else would think of "fathers day" ...
Uhhhps, almost forgot - my daughter has a tag sale today. Why don't you come by and buy some stuff?!


Granny said...

There is a movement afoot to cancel the Hallmark Holidays but if that happened I'd never get to enjoy the "crafts" they make in school or the burned toast for breakfast.

Zee said...

Oh granny, you always have a simple answer to our complex life issues: I really adore you for that!

Meander said...

you do rock! let's celebrate!

Zee said...

... yeah, let's celebrate! I'll have a bonfire going and you just come over and bring something to roast. I have some other stuff to share - when all of us come together, we'll have plenty.