Monday, June 5


So I do make some progress, even though my drive is sometimes procrastinating. The sculptured recycling bin enclosure is coming along and hopefully done by the end of this month.
The enclosure for the bin will include the following: Construction lumber, plywood, cedar boards, scraps of sheet copper, driftwood, mahogany for the carving on top, stones from the Green River, local slate, tons of screws and bolts... and more.

How are your own projects coming along?


Dr. Nazli said...

Zee - glad to see you in good spirits.

My own project? mmmhh - it's Summer and I am determined to enjoy it!

Good cheer to you!

Zee said...

Thank you Dr. nazli!
Building castles in the sand by a beautiful water could be a summer project. No?!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty design! Keep up the good work. Thanks.