Wednesday, June 14

Searching for driftwood and stones

So these are all the thoughts to tell about today, or my political views, my sexual gut feelings, my spiritual aspirations, my intellectual procrastination, my muted observations.
Wash my feet in the river in search for the flow to begin.
I love how Zen is doing this -

I can't do it,
be centered immediate
the way "they" do!
But I like the concept.


Veronica said...

"I can't do it,
be centered immediate"

I like that.

And I liked this post a lot.
Thanks for sharing it.

Mar said...

If you jump in that river, will you be saved?

Zee said...

Thank you Veronica for your comment. It made me reflect again about what I actually wrote.

Mar - you'll save me!

calamity said...

i go to the river side a lot too, it looks smilar to the pics you posted here. could you tell me where the pics were taken and what's the name of the river?

Zee said...

The pictures were taken in the township of Great Barrington at the Green River. That town is placed in the most south-western corner of Massachusetts in the US.
I live about 10 miles from there, crossing into New York state.
The area is rual in general, though a lot of city folks have their second home in that region. We call them "weekenders".

calamity said...

tnx for the info, now i'll go and google it