Sunday, June 11

I just have to say this quickly...

Rear Adm Harris said he did not believe the men at Guantanamo had killed themselves out of despair.

"They are smart. They are creative, they are committed," he said, quoted by Reuters.
"They have no regard for life, either ours or their own. I believe this was not an act of desperation, but an act of asymmetrical warfare waged against us."

And to add to this trend, a top US official (Colleen Graffy) has described the suicides of the three detainees at the US base as a "good PR move to draw attention".


This is pretty sick of that Harris guy, and unforgivable from Graffy!
Do you know what this is all about? I'll tell you.
There are what, like 450 people in Guantanamo without charge, without lawyer, without means to address their issues to ANYBODY because they live in no-mans land. For how long now? Four years? Correct me if I'm wrong. So here they are at Guantanamo Bay which the US leases from Fidel Castro for one Dollar a year 'cause the cigar smoking guy is too proud to ask anything of the United States. They live there without having access to any jurisdiction, cause there isn't any.
All the intelligence needed (if you want to go that far) after the invasion of Afghanistan and the consequent capture of these peoples, must have been extracted by now. But they are stuck there, forever it seems.
So what do you do as a detainee after all this time? You flip out and hang yourself.
And now this moron, Admiral Harris comes along and says: Those people have shown an act of warfare against us by killing themselves!!!!
What a fucking asshole.

You my readers do know my struggle with Mohammed and Islam, a journey that is not concluded; and you know also my thinking about any kind of religious extremism that ends up in violence.
But this Harris person tops it all for me today.
If I were an extremist of any sorts, I would scream out and say: Let's kill the bastard.
No wonder that people "with a cause" easily get recruited on a daily basis.
This madness has to stop.
CLOSE GUANTANAMO BAY NOW! We do not need that stinking breeding ground for more terrorists to be inspired. And on the side line, it's totally illegal.But who cares about international conventions, human rights, or moral grounds these days. Certainly not the present "empire" who was once upon a time so keen to get rid of the opressor, back in the days when they wrote the US constitution ... but those days are long gone.
The tea party is over.
It's time to voice your discontent!


Dr. Nazli said...

Zee - i am elated that you exist and you write this and i am heart-wrenched to be reminded of what shreds my mind!

I would blog everyday about the insanity and inhumanity and the hypocrisy on all sides. I couldn't bear it and had to regain my bearings by focusing on what delighted me in life. But - it changes not the reality and responsibility

A few years ago I struggled with Islam - I wanted so much to see the peace and to defend it's tenets - in the end, I found what I needed to - the faith in Creator greater than any religion

I should get my beauty sleep now - goodnight

Trzebieslawa Gheorghe said...

held in solitary confinement. Camp 5 watched old WWII movies and had Vietnam with poor shooting. was an effort to embarrass President protection in September.

Zee said...

My blogging philosophy is fairly simple Dr. Nazli.
I try to mix the mundane with the sensual, the important with the trivial, the outrage with poems of peace.
When I started this it was for practical reasons, outreach. Now these people are back or I have other means of communication. So what am I supposed to do - I'm stuck with this blog!
Yes I agree, one should focus on what delights, what is positive in life. But on the other hand one can not completely turn off, pretend to be ignorant. It is a delicate balance indeed. And by all means, I don't pretend that I master it, I don't!
So I find myself in this perpetual washer/dryer cycle.
I want to clean my environment, literally and spiritually - but then I feel the heat, get dried out and and blown about in circular motions by the stupidity of mankind.
This is an other reason why my posts often are somewhat jumpy or erratic, they are merely reflecting a journey to find balance in what surrounds us.

Zee said...

Trzebieslawa Gheorghe? What name is that.
Maybe you should call yourself Simon, on the internet at least. Would make my life much easier.
You know the rhyme, don't you?
"Simple Simon met a pie-man..."
And so on.

Granny said...

Isn't there a hunger strike going on there as well?

You're correct about trying to maintain a balance. That's why I have two blogs. Or 1-1/2 actually - I came to isamericaburning some time after Worried America started it.

It's my let off steam place.

Lindsay Lobe said...

I think it always worth while to try and understand why events happen, and to learn from history.

I posted a comment on Gary’s blog –From my Fathers WW2 diary “Will the end of this war bring about an end to the savagery?” Only time will tell.!!

I not going to repeat it again here but suffice to say I think our present modern day torture chambers arise largely from an expression of fear!! And the populace is being manipulated to accept violations in human rights by exploiting that fear!!

I share your concerns and I think it’s a good idea to share that with fellow bloggers!! Particularly when you hear that sort of outrageous statements being made!!

Where else can you read about reactions not filtered by commercial and political filters?

The media is not bound to the public interest, so who will do the speaking out ?

Best wishes

Gary said...

Right f'ing on Zee!

Close it down and impeach the arsehole in the White House.

DA said...

why can't someone give the guy a blowjob so they can impeach him?

Zee said...

Brilliant DA, brilliant!
Unfortunately I am not an attractive woman, otherwise you would have seen "the job done" long ago ...