Sunday, June 25

Intermidiate mess

OK - next post of this stuff will not be called Intermediate anymore - maybe "DONE" ...
Well it's Sunday and I am staring at the mess in my studio after having spent two hours work on my car - bleeding a coolant circle, adjusting headlamps, and other stupid little issues. I HATE working on cars (was different when I was young), so don't ask me ever to work on yours, please!
If I could afford it, I would lease a car - but that's only in my dreams.
Besides the mess, I am pleased how the "river-stone-top" of that beast turned out. Now it's just little detail work here and there which I can do in the evenings after a paying job.
If not so - I will land on the streets of NYC asking for change.
Have a great next week!

And for those who can't read this post, they can listen to it ha, ha, ... just an audio experiment!

this is an audio post - click to play

And here is a statement you can only listen to and contemplate about internally, of an other kind of mess:
The CEOs and boards (speak hores) of the multi-million dollar enterprises that own the subsidiary news companies know

that if you cross the Bush Administration, you won't go home with a doggy
bag. Instead, you'll end up a stray dog rummaging
through dumpsters for food.
Meanwhile, Bush fiddles and Cheney snarls while Iraq burns -- and the media writes endless stories about some bumbling fools in Miami.
Message to the Media: the real bumbling fools who threaten America are in the White House, and Iraq is on fire.
Will someone in the mainstream press report the truth?
I doubt it. Even reporters love their job security.
Not an intermediate but permanent mess?
Just a question ...

(derived from buzzflash)


Granny said...

It's different but I like it.

You have a good week too.

Mirvat said...

that piece of work reminded me of la bocca de la verita

Zee said...

Oh granny, so pleasant to hear from you. Hope you are healthy and kicking.

Oh Mirvat, don't stick your hand in there - unless you have no sins committed in the last 30 days ... something terrible might happen.
Alternatively you just toss a bottle in - no danger at all -:)

Mirvat said...

well i'm never sin free but i always tell the truth ;)

Haider Droubi said...

that s a nice peice of art zee...ithini it should be placed a garden...regarding the rest of the good...from yr honest and direct openions and views ..i can understand why y mentioned yr age(140 years)...just great
i left y a comment on my blog..hope y answer back ..

Zee said...

Huuhh - Haider & Mirvat thanks!
Mirvat, if you always tell the truth - your "homebound" and you can "sin" as much as you like.
It's the untruth that kills.
Yes, it will be outside in the town of Great Barrington along 14 other of them made by local people. And I love your blog - I'll be back, no worries. (P.S. My real age is 19 ... mentally, my body 48)

Lindsay Lobe said...

P.S. My real age is 19 ... mentally, my body 48) and I say .... your voice sounds like Alistair Cooke's recording his Letter From America !!
Why dont you take over now that he is gone. A harder edged Allistair !! I liked listening to him ! God knows, ever since Reagan repudiated the need for the media to responsible for the public interest ....what news can you listen to in the USA!! yikes...Fox & Friends ! Need I go on! all the media is owned by the private sector!!,
At least here there is still the ABC in Australia and the BBC in the UK.

well done on the voice over and also on the Bin !! and lets hear about that "letter from America "

Best wishes

pissed off patricia said...

I like it!

I would love to have it in my garden.

Trée said...

Beautiful work Zee.

Cym said...

Just listened to your audio post Zee. Interesting accent. You sound similar to this Viennese music store owner I used to know in my hometown.

I may experiment with audio or even video posting too at some point, and would be especially effective I think for poetry.

ian russell said...

hmmm, it's how i'd imagine arnie to sound if he'd swapped muscles for education. ;o)

that is an interesting piece of furniture you have crafted! does the mouth have a function or is it purely artistic? i'm thinking it could have a myriad of purposes but it could be just a mouth. :o)

Gary said...

Very cool piece of art... and very cool to hear your American (with tinge of Suisse) voice too.

Cynnie said...

aww..any accent is cooler than my should hear my spanish ..yikes..
very cool thingy

Zee said...

Well thank you all for your funny and encouraging responses!
The recycling bin enclosure will find it's final destination in Great Barrington Massachusetts in the month of July along with a bunch of other ones made by local artists and artisans.
About the "Letter from America" suggestion - I'll have to think about that Lindsay. Perhaps I could start a "weekly address to the world" in audio, but that sounds so pretentious - almost as bad as the "weekly address to the nation" from Bush to US citizens.
Let's sleep over it and see if I come up with something.

(P.S. There will come a time this summer, very soon actually, when I'll be buisy to the extent that my presence in the blog-sphere will dwindle to a trickle).

But as Ahhhrnold would say: Ail be boack!

Haider Droubi said...

zee...sorry to post this here...but i do agree with y regarding global warming...people should know that scince should serve humanity...not the opposite...we shall discuss it later in details...

and thank y for reminding me of the comment i left at the other's girl blog..i shall paste it here-if y dont mind-

i am sure many of yr visitors might want to check it out ...

hi mirvat...hope y are fine...

Lhonez said...

That is a great piece of art. It reminds me of the cover to "In The Court of The Crimson King". Whoops, showing my age.

pissed off patricia said...

I just realized something, for a guy who is 104, you've held up well ;)

Zee said...

PoPatricia- I'll try to stay away from the whiskey, found out that it makes me feel and look younger.
Haider, I visited that blog (you know which one) again - and I truly have nothing to say so I will forget about it, the blog and all the crummy posts on it.

Lenren said...

Very cool. Honestly I loved it!

DA said...

Great to hear a fellow European speak American! Nice art too