Saturday, June 24

World Cup And Balls

Whatever gets you going and excited I guess - balls have a lure to be round.
I am not too much into sports, but I appreciate the enthusiasm of others.
Switzerland is doing well I hear, kicking ass and balls - makes me feel very patriotic.
So yeah, this is a midnight post with little relevance to anything particular.
Tomorrow, or next time, I will kick other balls again - at least attempt to.
There is much to be said about the decay of the US empire for example ... you know, the spying on citizens found an other twist today. Not only does the government spy on telephone records, but now they admitted to check into all financial transactions of people. Where will it end? In 2084??
Will this prevent lunatics from being lunatics?
I don't think so!


Mar said...

It will intensify lunacy.

Zee said...

I certainly agree Mar!

Dr. Nazli said...

Zee - the only way I can reconcile with my records being checked and my conversations being monitored - is that they either consider me of no value to anything they are looking for or they are in love with me by now. Either way my reaction is inert ;-)

Hey - how is your weekend going? The day here is chinging from humid to breezy. And also Switzerland is taking on the balls this World Cup!

Have you always been an artist?

I once blogged about Switzerland - just because they are as far away from controversy as others are within it.

Zee ya!

Gary said...

and peace to you...

I'm sometimes accused of being a naive optimist, but I like the struggle anyhow. I'm not sure where we'll be in 2084 (well, you and I will be flowers in some form Zee) - but I honour those who work for the environment, human rights and beauty.

Zee said...

Ah, dr. nazli!
You are a bit blue eyed even though the color of your real eyes might be different.
Let's for a minute assume that my mom finally gets a spell of "courageous giving" and sends me $20,000 ... talks to me at the phone about it, sends it to an US bank. Potentially I could be mistaken for a potential terrorist 'cause they have no clue what she was talking about. Just the thought of the FBI or INS showing up at my doorstep to sort this out gives me the shivers. That's the personal side.
The other is that the principles and the constitution of the US was founded in a completely different spirt ... to say it mildly. The trends I see today are creeping signs of fascism. Not a healthy trend.

Haider Droubi said...

peace....cant agree more

Cynnie said...

I actually watched the game between germany ( alemania ) and switzerland ( suiza)
It was pretty good

Mirvat said...

leaders stop being lunatics when people start developping balls