Friday, November 17

are you vegetarian, vegan or plainly undecided?

Now that we had the grand American "smoke-out" today, we have to put our focus on an other of them traditions: The Thanksgiving turkey! Will you survive the feast or bow down and become a vegan (no shoes made of leather please, 'tis made of animals, no snickers either - they are made of oil ... deceased dinosaurs) ... please come in cotton socks to enjoy the bounty, or for god sakes just walk barefoot.

How will you celebrate Thangsgiving?

P.S. my son claims to get up at 5 in the morning and shoot a wild turkey tomorrow. I personally savor wild turkey. Let's wish him luck!


Vinicio said...

thanksgiving, christmas, and new year's, is a big feat to overcome to those who are making that transition into vegetarianism.

i see you're celebrating early. =-P

Madcap said...

Carnivarian, most decidedly.

Zee said...

Thanks for the visit Vinico - got to shoot that turkey before next Thursday.
Madcap .... ahhhhhh!!!!

Mone said...

I am Vegetarian, but still wild turkeys(if you can find any) are healthier to eat than farm turkeys that are grossly fed and greatly distressed..

Gary said...

Great photo! We celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada the 3rd week of October. I love it all.

Ingrid said...

it'll be turkey and the usual stuff. Then afterwards I'll think 'blech', no more turkey for me for another year! Then the next day I'll have the left overs and hope that no one will have seconds or thirds of the sweet potato dish I make! ha!
One of these days, with all the good intentions and the rest on my 'to do' list, I'll get to eating more vegetarian and more home made veggie juices. My juicer's been eyeing me lately,

Zee said...
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