Wednesday, November 29

Easy Rider

A nice truck, a nice road in the middle of my town, lot's of wood for the winter - what else?
Well, look at the truck door, must be from the town maintenance crew or something.

So let's have a closer look.

Gotcha - "State Of Confusion"!


Gary said...

Now that's cool! So is your new B&W blog photo bro.

Zee said...

Thanks my friend. The "frozen beauty" pics on your blog are beautiful!

emeralda said...

hey this is my car!

dusio said...

Hey, I was born in that state.

Dr. Nazli said...

LOL! Zee that is a grat shot. ia m partial to the red photo of-course - but this is just fine too!

Here's a happy hello from the State of Red!

Zee - how are you? Hey i have two more weeks of this semester left. How about you with your teaching?

Zee Ya!

Zee said...

Hey there Emeralda and Dusio, perhaps you should come together - a semi lost car in a state of confusion, what a match!

Zee said...

Red photo Dr.Nazli? Huuh my brain cells deceive me, as so often ...
You know what Nazli, my college gave up sculpture for this ... and the next semester! So I am back renovating rich peoples houses.
I am not smiling, not a chance Nazli.

Cynnie said...

Cool photos..

It seems your town has personality..

I've lived in too many same ol' same ol' places..

everyone exactly alike , exactly the same.

I'm looking for a change..

Zee said...

Thanks Cyn ... I'm looking for a change of scenery myself; don't we all?

DA said...

got me confused here. Nice pic indeed L!