Monday, November 20

marble dust

Marble dust on the face and nose of my student (pic on the right). The sculpture takes form as you can see. So far she is the most vigilant person I coached (hope she doesn't read that ... ahh, she doesn't have my blog address - so why worry ... even if she does find out, that would be OK too). Her theme is inspired by the works of Rodin.
Anyhow, that particular stone is quite tricky, crumbly like tart cookies and hard as a rock. A delicate combination. The way she handles that challenge is superb. All the power to her! With a little bit of suggestions here and there, this piece will be brilliant. What's in for me? I get inspired to dive into my own stuff again ...


Tinkerbell said...

i've been trying to post on your blog for DAYS now!..
I LOVE seeing what you do ..I LOVE reading you describe what you do..And I LOVE reading about your plans for the future ..
I like you mister.

Ingrid said...

it is inspiring to me too. Sometimes, I just feel like doing something completely different and if the mood strikes me, I might do just that in January. Hmmm, I need to pursue something artistic. We'll see what the Universe will throw my way,
ps, and yes, dive back into your stuff and show us when you're done!

Zee said...

Thanks for the encouragement Cynnie!
Oh Ingrid, I am always touched by your words ...

calamity said...

i'm curious about your work too :)

Chloe said...

I love rodin
and I hope she finds your blog :)

DA said...

Why don't you just tell her about your blog? She might get even more inspired.. Great pics btw.

Gary said...

It is indeed inspiring to see something like that taking shape. I like the sugar coated nose too...

reverb said...

...your student looks very pretty in the shot angle of the lefty pict

do you use woodworking tools?
do you know or used microblades?

I m asking cause I wanna buy some of those, but mail and customs cost are too expensive
so, Im trying to obtain some feedback before the shopping


Zee said...

Thanks for all the comments Calamity, Chloe, Dimitri, Gary and Reverb.
Reverb: I am not even sure I understand what microblades are ... small chisels?
Anyhow, I (and she) are using an array of different stone chisels, some have carbide tips (expensive) others are made just of hardened steel (reasonable priced). No, I don't use the wood-gouges, it would ruin them with one blow :)

Dr. Nazli said...

Zee! How are you my Dear! Buenos Dias to you.

Administration is the death of creativity, and I am glad to see that you see opportunity and refreshing possibilities without limit. lIek your mind.

How beautiful to create beautiful work for others to appreciate - lukcy students, lucky artists, lucky you.

All the luck and all the goodness to you! Happy happy Thanksgiving.

Zee ya!

before sunrise said...

Zee, this inspires me, I wish I could take a class like that in a beautiful place like that. She is lucky!!

emeralda said...

wait, is this in a waldorfschool?
the doors...
you tell me!
(it does invoke good memories)

Zee said...

it's my studio - not a school :)
But you are right in some respect - the windows and the doors I used when building my shop were recycled from a Waldorf school who had dumped them.
So maybe I am a "little Waldorf art school" now?

emeralda said...

haha. that's too funny. because you know, it's kinda pretty but so very unmistakingably (is that a word?) waldorf. the 'multi-corner' kind of design. no rectangles. etc. i was at a waldorfschool for like, 13 years in Germany. It was a great time. And a lot of sculpting and arts, too. So that's why.
I'll come to maine sometime, I have a friend there that I haven't seen since '97. If i happen to be around I'll tell you because I'd love to see your studio and maybe you know, do something there....if that d be possible :)
all the best and smiles