Friday, November 24

the magic of touch

This little copper peace was named "touch" years ago when I mostly made works in copper. "Touch" seems to evoke a sentiment. Don't we as humans need to be touched, embraced? The present killings in the Middle East seem to work against such a principle.
Even the magic of a half decent massage would release some of the tensions here and there. Here and there being wherever you want it to be, geographically or bodily.


Meander said...

yes i would agree...touch is one of the most fundamental elements of being human yet the world chooses to veer far away from the touch of love and kindness. so good to see you my dear zee. i like the looks of your blog. have you changed it around a bit?

palo-girl said...

i've visited your blog before but i'm not sure i've commented.
"the magic of touch" - such a sweet thought :)

Octavian said...

Touch is very powerful. It's a sensation that is even more real than sight. It's the closest we can come to being sure there is something else in the world besides ourselves.

Dirk_Star said...

Nice blog and some very cool photos!

Zee said...

Welcome Dirk to my madness :)

Octavian, you are so right!

Meander, what can I say ... I agree that touch is out of touch these days.

Palo - let's make it come real, not just a thought.

Ingrid said...

I love that piece. Very evocative and very nicely 'molded' if that is the proper term,

dusio said...

It's beautiful in appearance and sentiment.