Tuesday, November 14


It is not up to the fisherman to decide how the fish will taste once prepared.
Roasted almonds, a hint of crushed fresh garlic, tarragon, the usual lemon-pepper, two table spoons of dry white wine, a pinch of dill to top it off.
So some of us will produce, while others prepare. It's called sharing.
My life is neither here nor there. Do I prepare ... or do a I catch fish?

The other pictures from Maine are up now, on a separate link (blog) on the left of this screen right under my profile.


Madcap said...

Very serene.

The dance between lover and beloved,
Hewer of wood,
Carrier of water,
Servant at table,
All interchanging,
Ebbing and flowing,
Not denying one role
For the pursuit of the other,
Always back and forth,
Back and forth,
Now this, now that,
A weaving of life,
To be breathed in and breathed out
By the mystery of all that is.

Good night.

calamity said...

i think if you can do a little bit of all is just fine. i can't do neighter, however i can eat the fish. ;)

i love the pics, it looks like a place i would love to visit someday

AM said...

There's so much peace in this photo, I love it :-)

before sunrise said...

Hmmm... that fish sounds wonderful Zee... especially as it was all a shared effort, the catching and the cooking, just the way life should be :-)

I have never been to Maine, look forward to see the photos :-)

lindsaylobe said...

Sounds very inviting, the sort of decisions we would all relish, and the scenery is serene and beautiful.
Best wishes

Mirvat said...

this reminds me of cape cod